Keeping cool is extremely important when relaxing outdoors.  Without a shady spot to it can be impossible to get comfortable and really enjoy yourself. It can even be dangerous as prolonged exposure to strong UV rays has been linked to skin cancer. So here are your best options for beating the heat and sun.


While traditionally used in the garden or yard gazebos are also popular on the patio. Without any walls there is nothing to block the breeze from entering on any side or anything obstructing your view.

They do have a solid roof to block out the sun and rain however. Whether next to a water feature, flower garden, or outdoor kitchen they are a wonderful place to kick your feet up that will also really add some charm to look of your outdoor space.



Another structure which is known for its openness, pergolas have no walls and a roof made up of slats. Their roof actually makes a fantastic spot for climbing plants and vines to grow with roses and grapes both being common choices.

There are many different styles to choose from ranging from more plain to those with a Japanese influence and even Tuscan with classic looking columns. Unlike in the past when most pergolas were custom made, today there are many kits on the market that are not only affordable but easy to put together yourself.


Cabanas are well-known for their use at the beach and at pool clubs. However, they also can be used at home, especially if you do have a swimming pool. Unlike other structures that have no walls these normally have three with the open side facing the water.

Their lightweight fabric walls and roof can really block out a lot of unwanted sunlight helping you to keep cool. Some cabanas are made from wood or metal and even can have a thatched roof to make you feel as if you’re in your own tropical getaway.


Shade Sails

Often the cheapest option, shade sails can not only be very attractive but really create a lot of shade. Normally they are attached at three points and stretched to cover sunny spots. For very large or oddly-shaped spaces multiple sails can be overlapped. They are especially useful over swimming pools, portable spas, decks, and patios.


Patio Covers

A patio cover is basically a roof that is added above your patio area. Most often it is attached to your house and has support beams. If your patio is right up against your house a patio cover might be the best choice. Wood, vinyl, metal, and aluminum are all popular materials.

Vinyl is usually the least expensive and also requires no maintenance which is why it is favored by many homeowners. You might want to think about choosing a material  and color that works well with the exterior of your house.



Also called solariums, sunrooms offer a space which is totally enclosed by windows. This can give you all the benefits of being indoors such as air conditioning in summer months and heat in the winter yet with a full view of your outdoor space. While some units are freestanding others are attached directly to the house.

Just like greenhouses they also make ideal places to grow plants which can make them feel quite natural and an all around perfect place to relax. While they might be more expensive than other options they do give you the benefit of being able to enjoy the view of your garden or yard year round which can be priceless.

Gazebos, pergolas, cabanas, shade sails, patio covers, and sunrooms are all outstanding choices. They’ll keep you cool and able to fully appreciate and enjoy your outdoor space. Best of all you’ll finally be able to do so in comfort and whenever you please!

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