Looking for a fun hobby to help your relax? Get outside and get to work in a garden. Gardening has a variety of benefits for your mental, physical and spiritual health. Wondering how tending to plants can help you tend to your health? Here are seven ways gardening can be good for your mind, body and soul.

Good for the Mind

Research has shown that gardens can have a positive impact on mental health. Spending time tending to a garden can calm those with anxiety issues and help boost patients who are struggling with depression. Tending to plants is a much healthier way to maintain mental well-being without turning to unhealthy coping strategies and addiction.

Relieve Stress

We all have stress in our lives and need to find healthy ways to deal with it. Hobbies, like gardening, are a good way to relax without worrying about negative consequences to your health and well-being. Keeping yourself busy and creating something beautiful is a wonderful way to decompress after a tough day.

Connect to Nature

Nature has a way of nourishing the soul and putting our minds at ease. Getting into gardening is a simple and safe way to bond with your environment. Aside from the plants, you may find yourself marveling at the beautiful insects, birds and animals that are attracted to your garden.

You’ll feel a part of the ecosystem and connected to other living things around you. This connection to nature can improve your health in a variety of ways.

Lift Your Spirits

Gardens can bring such immense beauty into your life. And research shows that flowers have the power to lift your mood. Brightly colored petals can energize you while more somber shades can put you at ease. Some flowers have the added benefit of fragrance as well, which can have an impact on the way you feel.

Flower Power

Finding peace in your life may be as simple as staying present. Mindfulness has a way of connecting you to each moment, making life more meaningful. As you care for the plants in your garden, you are forced to focus on the little details and stay present as you garden.

Taking in the look, feel and smell of a flower, or the taste of an herb, will give you an appreciation of how special these little details in the world are.

Improve Your Energy Levels

Like plants, humans need sunlight to thrive. Sunlight can help lower your blood pressure and improve your sleep, among other benefits. Gardening is a great way to get in some quality time with the sun but just be sure to not overdo it.

Give yourself 15 minutes to absorb those rays and health benefits and then take a break to slather on some sunscreen. Be sure to wear a hat as well, to protect sensitive skin on your face, scalp and ears from getting burned.

Starting Your Garden is Simple

So many hobbies require expensive equipment or lengthy lessons, but gardening isn’t one of them. All you need to garden are a few simple tools, some dirt and plants. You can spruce up a small space in your yard or build up some raised beds in just a few hours.

Even if you don’t have a yard, you can still get into gardening. You can create a container garden with some inexpensive supplies or a few items around your home.

If you want to boost your spiritual and mental health, gardening could be a good way to start. Getting outside and caring for plants is a guaranteed way to settle your mind, soothe stress and boost your overall well-being. So grab your garden gloves and shovel and give gardening a try!

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