A lush lawn increases your home’s curb appeal as well as its value. Yet, keeping up with lawn care and maintenance quickly adds up to a major expense involving both money and time. Fortunately, there is an alternative to all of that mowing, fertilizing and weeding.

Artificial grass has come a long way from the early versions that you associate with sports fields. Now, the synthetic blades look natural enough that the difference from natural grass is virtually undetectable from the road, and making the switch gives you benefits that extend far beyond just increasing the curb appeal of your property.

Stop Worrying about Lawn Maintenance
The biggest benefit of artificial grass is that it never grows, never turns brown and never gets weeds. It is also easy to install, and your lawn will stay green and the perfect length for as long as you want.

While natural grass requires reseeding seasonally, your new artificial turf lasts for years with minimal care. Once it is installed, the most you will have to do is hose it down occasionally if a lot of dirt gets tracked across your yard.


Decrease Water Usage
Drought-resistant lawns are a huge deal in areas where water restrictions are in place such as California. Unfortunately, using rocks and gravel to cover your natural grass areas takes away that beautiful feeling that you enjoy when you are surrounded by green spaces.

Artificial grass doesn’t require watering, so you can still enjoy having a green lawn without breaking the law. Additionally, decreasing water usage means more money in your pocketbook.

Quit Using Potentially Harmful Chemicals
Grass isn’t naturally green all year long, which means that homeowners are using fertilizers and other chemicals to stimulate growth. Many of these chemicals are not only harmful for the environment.

They also pose a risk to the health of your pets, wildlife and family. Install artificial grass and never worry about what potentially harmful chemicals are on your lawn again.


Reduce Pests around Your Home
Nothing ruins a backyard party more than bees and mosquitoes. While you may still get an occasional fly, pests are drastically reduced with artificial grass since you will have less standing water and no soil for insects to burrow into.

The pest reduction also extends beyond insects. Snakes, gophers and other wildlife tend to avoid artificial grass since it doesn’t grow as long as natural grass.

Enjoy a Cleaner Outdoor Surface
Rain may be good for natural grass, but it really stirs up the dirt. Once you install artificial grass, you no longer have to worry about stomping through the mud to get to your car or other outdoor spaces.

Since artificial grass does not contain allergens, you can also reduce the amount of pollen that you track into the home. Synthetic turf is also resistant to mold and bacteria, which means that you can worry less about what your kids or pets may be exposed to as they romp in the grass.

Disguise Unaesthetic Areas
Many homes have places around the exterior that detract from its curb appeal. Whether you have a trash bin area that is an eyesore or need to cover up a fence, artificial grass can be installed on more surfaces than just the ground.

You can also use artificial turf on your patio surface to extend your yard, or hide that unsightly shed that sits in the back corner. Either way, the fake grass you install will add to the overall good feeling you get when you look out into your yard.


Create Recreational Areas
Artificial grass can also be installed in specific areas to serve your desired purpose for recreational activities. For example, it makes a great pool surrounding that is less slippery than alternatives such as tile while also reducing the mess that is created when water mixes with dirt.

Avid golfers love installing artificial grass practice areas in their yard, and it makes the perfect playground surface material in areas where swing sets and other equipment would destroy natural grass.

Eliminate Pet Behavior Problems
You love taking your dog out for a game of fetch in the yard. Yet, their digging has destroyed your natural grass. You may even have a little escape artist that burrows under the fence. Artificial grass is dig-resistant, which stops all of those undesirable behaviors. It is also easier to clean up waste so that your lawn is always in top condition.

Making the switch to artificial grass can be a big decision. Yet, when you factor in the cost and time savings compared to natural grass, the choice is obvious. Whether you just need to enhance a small corner of your lawn or are ready to completely transform your property’s exterior, artificial grass provides benefits that last for years.

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