An outdoor spa or hot tub might just be the perfect addition to your garden or patio space for extra relaxation. The idea of reclining in the warm water as powerful jets massage their stress, tension, and worries away reminds many people of time spent at a fancy resort or health club. However, it is something anyone can enjoy and indulge themselves in after a long day at the office, dealing with screaming kids, or just to treat themselves right. Best of all it can be done in the most convenient place of all, at home.

What Are They?

The term spa and hot tub are both used to describe the same thing: a large tub that uses both filtered and sanitized water and is only emptied a few times per year to be cleaned and maintained. This is as opposed to a whirlpool which is used in your bathroom and is filled and then emptied each time that you use it.

There are actually two kinds of spas and hot tubs: permanent and portable. Permanent models are built into the ground and usually are situated next to a pool with which it shares its heating and filtration system.

Portable spas are used above ground and are normally much less expensive. Since they don’t need to share any systems with a pool and can be used just about anywhere they are extremely popular.


Giving Pools Some Tough Competition

Portable spas actually are not only a more popular choice than the permanent variety but actually compete with pools themselves as well. More and more homeowners are choosing portable spas and hot tubs over swimming pools for many reasons.

Not only are they way cheaper and easier to maintain but there is also no installation necessary. Many new swimming pool owners are actually quite shocked to find out that installing an in-ground pool will usually increase the value of their home which also means paying higher taxes.

Pools also will increase electricity costs to run their heaters along with both filtration and purification systems. Pool owners may also need to pay added insurance liability premiums and many towns or cities may demand you also have fencing.

Don’t forget landscaping and hardscaping costs for around your pool and worst case scenario if you decide you don’t want your pool anymore many times it will cost just as much to fill it in as it was to install it in the first place. So basically, if you can afford it, will use it a lot, and long term, a pool is worth it, but if not stick with a portable spa.

What’s An Ideal Spot For One

The best spot for your spa is not on soil but on a concrete slab. It also should be placed somewhere that is covered and of course private if possible. Most people simply set up their spa and then add whatever they need around or on top of it. This could be an arbor, pergola, gazebo, a privacy screen, shrubs, potted plants, a wall, or fencing.

Many homeowners choose to add exotic looking plants like bamboo around its perimeter which adds an exotic feel but also works as a natural screen as well. It’s really up to your own taste and imagination what you want to be surrounded by when relaxing in the soothing warmth of your spa.

Placing your spa in a position where it has a view of something beautiful is also a smart idea, such as a landscape, focal point, or your home. Don’t forget you’ll need a place to plug it in so it also needs to be near an outlet.

A trick many spa owners use to make their spa look more luxurious and similar to a permanent model is to simply build a low deck around it perimeter. This can give you look without the price tag and also makes getting in and out easier and more accessible.

When it comes to superior relaxation for an economical price plus convenience, a portable spa is the answer. Much more manageable and much less hassle than a pool or even permanent spa, portable is the right choice for most. And with many options simply requiring being filled up and plugged in you really can’t afford not to have one.

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