A garden path functions as a surface to walk on but also as a thing of beauty.  Not only are they beautiful themselves but they add beauty to your garden or patio.  Luckily the easiest path to create is one of the best looking.  A simple stepping stone path is so effortless to make that anyone can do so.

Choosing Your Stone

There are many options to choose from when deciding on a material for your stepping stone pathway.  Taking a trip to your local garden center or stone yard is the best way to see your options firsthand.  Flagstone with its irregular shapes yet smooth surface is a great choice, as is fieldstone which is rougher in texture. Both square and circular concrete pavers are another popular choice. Natural stone can be used as well however you will need to find pieces which are as flat as possible. Regardless of what your preference, you want to choose stones that are large.  A good size stone is about 14-15 inches long, 18-19 inches wide and about 2 inches thick.  If you are planning on having a raised pathway you should choose thicker stones, about 4 inches should do.

This stepping stone path in a Zen garden is highlighted by the surrounding stones


Stepping Stone Placement

In creating a stepping stone path you just need to keep a few things in mind.  The most important thing is to remember that the stones need to be spaced so that it matches the gait of someone walking on the path.  They don’t need to be a uniform distance apart; you want to be able to reach each stone in the path in a natural stride.

Natural and smooth river rock stepping stones each have their own unique array of colors

The most common mistake is placing the stones too far apart.  Another important thing to keep in mind and one which many homeowners forget is that whatever stones you choose, they should be placed with the widest part facing you as you walk down the path.  Placing the stones the opposite way, with the narrowest part facing you will always look awkward.  One reason a stepping stone path is so easy to make it’s that it can be straight or curved it’s up to you and your space. Either looks great and is easy to change if you need or want to.

Flat stones will allow you to mow right over them without any damage to your path or equipment


Laying Down the Stones

When setting the stones down many homeowners simply place them right on top of the soil.  Another option is to dig a shallow hole for each individual stone.  Make sure each hole is roughly the same shape as the stone you will place in it.  The holes should be as deep as about half the thickness of the stones.  Add one inch of sand to each hole and then slide each stone into place.  This may take some wiggling around.  If you plan to mow this area it would be a good idea to make them flush with ground level. If not you can have them raised above it, which looks great too.  That’s it!

There are all types of unique stepping stones, like this resin ladybug.


As you can see creating your own stepping stone path is not only easy but also doesn’t require any construction or building skills whatsoever.  Just choose your stone material, make sure the individual stones are large, place them with the widest part facing you, space them apart so they can be reached in a natural gait, and lay them down.  A stepping stone path is a simple project that is guaranteed to add natural beauty and function to your garden or patio as soon as it’s the last stone is put in place.

***Some Extra Stepping Stone Path Tips***

-A stepping stone path will always look better in an area that is relatively flat.

-Placing large attractive stones at the beginning and end of the path is a simple trick to make the whole path look more attractive as a whole.

-Many people like to place multiple stones close together at both the beginning and end of the path signify the path’s start and finish.

Flagstone pieces are an easy choice

-Placing wood chips, small stones, or gravel around your stepping stones is an easy and inexpensive way to make your path look even better.

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