Adding lights to a real tree can be a big pain. Not only do need a tree that’s the right size and shape but you’ll also need to care for it. So what should you do when you’d like decorative lighting that’s not just unique but in a natural form? You skip the hassle and use an LED cherry blossom tree!

The cherry blossom tree, also known in Japan as the sakura, is one of the most recognizable ornamental trees in the world. It’s so famous because its flowers (which are normally white, pink, or red) provide such a breathtaking display of the beauty.

An artificial cherry blossom tree with led lights is the perfect pairing of looks and efficiency. LED bulbs are much longer lasting than standard bulbs and at the same time use much less energy. And of course with a fake tree you won’t have to do any watering, raking, or waiting for it to grow.


The Basics

The typical LED cherry blossom tree light will usually have a trunk that is made from a plastic such as PVC and a heavy metal base to keep it standing upright on its own. The branches are made from flexible wire so you can position them exactly how you would like with little effort. The actual flowers are typically made from soft silicone so you don’t have to worry about them breaking or cracking.

Most trees only take a few moments to assemble, since they usually just require you to connect the trunk pieces, place the trunk in the base, and of course adjust the branches. When they’re assembled they are easy to move and their slim profile and bendable branches also make them simple to store.

To help them mimic the look of real cherry blossom trees when their lit up, you’ll notice that the trunks of fake trees are narrow and the branches start a little higher up. However don’t expect to be impressed when looking at your tree up close in the day time. They aren’t usually designed to impress during the day light hours, instead they are made to provide a stunning night time presentation.


Something More Lifelike And Durable

While they do cost much more than the type described above, there are trees you can purchase which do look both amazing at night but also incredibly real in the daytime as well. These are handmade and use materials such as resin for the trunk of the tree and branches.

This allows them to be highly detailed with realistic colors, textures, and shapes so they not only function as lighting but also a piece of garden art. Their durable construction makes these trees much more stable and both water and weatherproof so they can be enjoyed year-round without any problem. For the serious collector, LED tree fan, or when you want something for a business, trees made from resin are usually the best choice.



Trees of all types will often have a large number of lights. In fact it’s not uncommon for them to have several hundred. As you could imagine the sight of something like a 600 LED cherry blossom tree can be extremely impressive especially since each individual light is encased in a flower.

Modes And Features

Different models may have different modes and settings. For example while some are designed to simply stay a single color, others may have the ability to twinkle, or even slowly alternate between different waves of color. Some models may come with extra features like a remote as well for easy control.


Common color options include blue, orange, green, purple, and yellow. But of course if you would like a more natural color you could you may want to choose a white, pink or a red led cherry blossom tree. Trees that have multi-colored bulbs are also an option.



Trees can range in size from models that are small enough to fit on a tabletop all the way up to custom-made 20 foot tall giants. However most trees you will see are in the 4 to 8 foot range. A 6 ft cherry blossom led tree is probably the most commonly purchased since it is the most convenient size for the average consumer.

Power Sources

Most trees are made to plug into an electrical outlet. They may or may not have an on/off switch, or use a remote. It depends on the model. If they don’t you may want to consider using a plug-in timer. There are also solar powered choices as well which can be very convenient if you don’t have an outlet nearby.


Indoor Ideas

Inside the home an LED cherry tree can be used in a variety of ways. Their narrow trunk and the fact that the lights are higher up off the ground make them ideal for placing them in-between furniture where other options couldn’t fit and in smaller spaces.

They can function not just as decorative lighting for adding a glow to your room but also a conversation piece. Many people like to use them as a main source in their room at night since they can provide enough light to read by and aren’t distracting when watching TV.

You may even want to think about using one as an alternative to a lamp. A warm white led cherry blossom tree is a favorite choice for this job. For getting the most light possible from your tree or adding to its visual effects a trick is to place it in front of a mirror.

These trees are often used as general holiday decorations and especially in front of a window so they can be enjoyed indoors but also seen from the outside. A small table top led cherry blossom tree can be used for this or you may want to go with something bigger depending on your space.

In fact they are an excellent alternative to a traditional Christmas tree particularly when you don’t have the space for a real tree, live in an apartment, or just don’t want to deal with the hassle of real one. Most can hold miniature or very lightweight Christmas ornaments. Parents of young children in particular often like to use them since the lights and ornaments are higher up making them a much safer option.

Cat owners also prefer them because their pets aren’t able to climb up the thin branches. If you will be using one as your Christmas tree you can always cover the base with a Christmas tree skirt, other decorations, or actual presents. It’s surprisingly common for people to end up purchasing their tree for Christmas and ending up using it in their home year round. Just be sure to take off your ornaments of course!


Outdoor Ideas

The majority of trees are designed for both indoor and outdoor use. However it’s a good idea to remember most models, except for the variety made from resin, aren’t made to be able to withstand extreme weather conditions so the more protected your tree is the longer it will last.

Most people use their cherry blossom led tree lights on patios, decks, or in courtyards to add both light and a decorative effect. Placing a handful around the perimeter of a swimming pool is another attractive way to go too. And if you have an outdoor kitchen or dining area they can add to the ambiance of evening meals with friends and family.

For this reason they are also used in outdoor restaurants. But don’t overlook the front yard as a possible location either especially during the holiday season. When placed near a gazebo or pergola they can light up your structure at night and will also be protected from the elements themselves.

Balconies along with both front and back porches are also areas that many people like to use them and that will also help to keep trees safe from the weather. Their unique look makes LED trees a favorite lighting choice for outdoor parties, events, and ceremonies. And of course they are always popular at weddings in particular.


Hide That Base

To make your LED decorative cherry blossom tree look more pleasing to the eye and more tree-like, you may want to place it in a planter. This will hide the base from view. By adding a few bricks inside you can help to make it even more secure and able to stand up to strong winds.

Don’t forget the Decorations

While they do look fantastic on their own you can always add to the appearance of your tree with some decorations. Lightweight birds and butterflies for example can help to create a more natural look. If you will be using yours for Christmas once the seasons change you can simply use your tree as place to hang decorations for whatever holiday is coming up next on the calendar.


Other Types Of Trees And More

Once you have a cherry blossom you may find it tempting to add a few other types of lighted trees to your collection. There are options that are made to look like other tree varieties such as willow, birch, and maple.

For something more exotic and tropical you may want to consider LED palm tree. There are also smaller choices like twigs if you want lighting lower down. And options like butterfly garden stake lights, can be used to accent your trees.


Before You Buy

Before you choose a model, be sure to take a few minutes and think about where you will be using your tree and how far away the closet electrical outlet is. This will help you to choose a tree that has an electrical cord of the proper length. If you don’t have an outlet, which is often the case outdoors, you can always choose a model that is solar powered. Just be sure to place it in a spot where it will get a few hours of sunlight daily.

Where you will be putting your tree can also make a difference in what size you choose. Indoors and in confined spaces you may only need a small to medium size tree, while outdoors and in wide open areas a taller tree or multiple trees would be a better choice.

You should also think about what features you’d prefer, how realistic you want your tree to look since these will make a difference in price. The more lights it has, and the larger it is the more a tree will cost as well. And last but not least don’t forget to pick a color that you personally prefer.


Finding Deals

When shopping you may be able to spot a few trees in home stores before the Christmas season. But unlike with other products you’re not likely to find an LED cherry blossom tree sale locally. By shopping online however you can quickly find the widest variety and cheapest prices year round.

When you’d like a unique lighting option that you can enjoy indoors or out and that’s hassle-free an LED cherry blossom tree is a fantastic choice. Whether you choose to use yours for events, the holidays, or lighting with natural theme be prepared for a ton of compliments.

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