Are coffee grounds good for grass? The answer is yes, so you may want to think twice before throwing away your used grounds after your morning cup of coffee. Instead you can put them to work helping increase the beauty of your lawn.

Benefits Of Using Coffee Grounds For Lawn Care

Adding used coffee grounds as a part of your lawn care routine can benefit your grass in several ways. The high nitrogen content in grounds means they can be used as an all-natural nitrogen-based fertilizer. Grounds also contain phosphorous and other trace minerals.

Unlike commercial fast-release fertilizers, coffee grounds need time to break down in order for their nutrients and minerals to become available. This effectively makes them a slow-release fertilizer that feeds your lawn over time.

Using coffee grounds for grass therefore provides your lawn with ongoing nutrition while promoting both health and growth. As the grounds decompose they also encourage helpful microbes to grow in the soil which helps break them down giving your lawn easier access to nutrients.

When using coffee grounds as fertilizer for grass, it’s good to remember that while they do offer many helpful nutrients, grounds shouldn’t be looked at as a complete fertilizer, but instead as a supplement. There are many other fertilizers which offer a more complete nutrient profile. For this reason they are often applied as an additive along with a nitrogen fertilizer.


The Coffee-Worm Connection

A big benefit of using coffee grounds for lawn care is that they attract worms. It’s a well-known fact that worms love to eat coffee grounds, and it’s healthy for them. And worms are good for the soil and the health of your grass.

The worms dig tunnels as they move below the surface of the soil, and these tunnels help to aerate your lawn. These tunnels allow vital air and moisture to reach the roots which they need for healthy growth.

When the worms feed they help breakdown important nutrients from the grounds and the soil which are passed on in their waste known as castings. These castings function as an organic fertilizer which is why you will see worm casting commonly sold for use in potted plants, gardens, and lawns.


They contain nitrogen, phosphorous, and potassium (N-P-K) along with helpful bacteria and microbes. Castings also improve the soil structure and promote drainage all of which can be incredibly helpful to your lawn’s health.

As you can see there are many benefits that make coffee grounds good for grass. And not only do you get the benefits from the grounds themselves but also indirectly from the worms they attract as well.

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