Is there a huge bipedal primate roaming the woods of North America and beyond? We think so. Luckily you don’t have to trek into the remote wilderness to have an encounter. A Bigfoot statue will allow you to experience the legend without having to make any whoops, tree knocks, or even leaving home.

A Worldwide Phenomenon

There have been reports of the creatures known as Bigfoot or Sasquatch dating back hundreds of years if not more. And while the Pacific Northwest is where most sighting seem to occur there are actually many more across the United States and Canada.

Local stories include such hairy human-like monsters as the: Ohio Grassman, Skunk Ape, Fouke monster, Wood Booger, Momo, and even Big Red Eye of New Jersey just to name a few. And with tales of the Yeren in Mongolia, Yowie in Australia, and Yeti in the Himalayas there is a possibility that this phenomenon may be an international one as well.

But whether you are a believer or not, there’s no reason why you can’t enjoy all the benefits of having your very own ape man in your yard. So here is your guide to choosing the right Bigfoot statue for your space along with all the tips and advice you’ll need to know.



Picking A Material

One of the most important decisions you will need to make is what material you want your statue to be made of.


For something rustic and truly one-of-a-kind a wooden Bigfoot statue is might be your best bet. These are usually made from tough woods such as cedar which can be left outside without a problem. Wooden statues are often hand-carved with a chainsaw and burned to give them the perfect Sasquatch color.

You’ll normally need to purchase one from an artist who specializes in wood carvings though. If you need something very specific in terms of looks, style, or size such as a truly giant Bigfoot statue you’ll want to speak to the artist about having one custom-made to your specifications. The care your statue will need will depend on the type of wood that it’s made from.


Some local garden stores and statue shops sometimes offer concrete options.  A concrete Bigfoot statue is an extremely durable choice which can be very lifelike but at the same time they are very heavy and not easy to move.

Life size statues often weigh over a ton. Many times concrete or cement choices are also sold unpainted so this is something you will want to take into consideration.


The most widely available material choice and typically the most convenient for consumers are statues made from resin. This material allows for the most detail and is often hand-painted for a look that is so realistic you might have to do a double take when you see one.

While resin statues may not have the character of wood or the extreme strength of concrete they are light enough to move around and sturdy enough to handle being left outside in the garden or yard year-round.

Some resin statues are made with a mixture of crushed stone for added strength. The most well-known of all resin options is the Design Toscano Bigfoot the Garden Yeti statue which is featured in many of the pictures in this article. (And while they do offer a Yeti too, don’t be confused by the name it’s a Bigfoot.)


Choosing A Size

Not all statues are enormous in size, and they don’t have to be in order to be impressive. Small, medium, and large options are all popular for use in the garden, indoors, and as gifts for family members and friends who are Bigfoot fans. But of course the bigger they are the more authentic they will seem.

For the hardcore believer there is no other way to go than a life size Bigfoot statue. Imagine the excitement of seeing the legend in full size every day in your own yard. Life size statues can always be dressed up for holidays, events, or just for the fun of it. However, be warned that they will attract a lot of attention.

If your statue is in your front yard you can expect people slowing down when driving by and possibly even knocking on your door to ask for a quick photo with the elusive beast. So if you prefer privacy be sure to keep him around back.


Creating A Squatchy Habitat

Part of the fun of adding a statue is creating a habitat for him. You may only want to use plants and trees that are native to his habitat in the Pacific Northwest such as different types of ferns and evergreens. Or maybe you believe your statue to be a Skunk Ape of the Southeastern United States.

In that case placing him near more tropical outdoor plants or planting them around him would be in order. If yours’ is a local monster any trees and shrubs you already have in your front or backyard will do.

For those who have invested in a life size Bigfoot garden statue putting some thought into where you place him and his surroundings will also go a long way towards making a realistic background for the photos which your guests will undoubtedly want to take with it.

Peeking And Lurking

Many Bigfoot sightings involve these secretive creatures hiding while peeking out and observing human activity in a curious manner. Fortunately a lot of statues are purposely designed so that they seem to be doing the same thing.

You can use this to your advantage by placing your Bigfoot so that he is hidden from view behind trees and plants and only partially visible as he peers out. This can go a long way towards seeming more real.

A Little Bit Or Much More Social

Of course maybe your squatch is the more urban and social variety. His home could be amongst your flowers or you could use him as a Bigfoot lawn statue out in the grass for all to see and enjoy. Home could just as easily be the on the deck, near the grill, by the pool, or even waiting for the action to begin by the outdoor bar.

He may prefer the protection of your porch or doing door duty. Who else do you know that can say they have a Sasquatch patiently waiting by the door to greet them when they return home each day?



Somehow even if they were originally purchased for the yard they often don’t make it that far. Whether for the man cave, office, or family room a Bigfoot can make for an interesting piece of décor that will never fail to get attention.

An extra benefit of using one inside is that even a small Bigfoot statue will seem much bigger in size. You may want to place your statue so that he is displayed proudly or use your houseplants to create a miniature habitat for him. Statues can also be used in shops and businesses of all types as a unique decoration for customers to enjoy too.

Give Him A Name

You could call him Bigfoot or Sasquatch, but because he is so human-like, this is one type of statue that you’ll want to give a name of your own. This could be something funny that relates to the size, looks, height, feet, hairiness, or stench often associated with these creatures.

Often something much more common sounding such Bob or Hank will be sure to make your guests laugh since it won’t be what they are expecting. As long as it’s a name you like that’s all that matters. Sometimes letting the kids decide is actually the easiest way to go.


Light Him Up

Outdoors you might want to think about adjusting your lighting so that your Bigfoot can be seen not just in the day time but at night as well. One of the best ways to do this is by placing lights below him so that they are shining upwards onto your statue, this is known as uplighting.

It can make for a dramatic display particularly if you have a large Bigfoot statue or better yet one that is life size. The effect of the shadowing that it creates on the facial features in particular really cannot be understated, especially with more realistic looking resin statues.

If your statue is partially hidden and peeking out, uplighting will also really enhance the appearance that there is actually a giant ape-like beast sneaking around in your yard at night. You therefore may want to alert your neighbors first so you don’t alarm them. Life size Bigfoot statues placed in the front yard and lit up in this manner may end up causing reports of Bigfoot sightings in your area.


A Big Hairy Family

While in the wild Bigfoot are believed by many to be fairly solitary creatures, in your yard they don’t have to be. You may want to add multiple Bigfoot statues around your property to keep yours’ company. These could be of different types and styles as you build up your collection, or you may want to choose one style but in different sizes to create a family unit.

Don’t Forget His Cousin!

The Yeti, also known as the Abominable Snow Man, is said to be a slightly smaller relative of Bigfoot from the snow covered peaks of the Himalayas.  Adding a Yeti garden statue will give you the chance to own not one but two of the world’s most mysterious creatures.

And his white hair will provide a nice color contrast too when placed next to the brown of your Bigfoot. If you have multiple Bigfoot statues already and some spare time you could always transform one of them into a Yeti on your own by painting him white.


Garden Friends Make Upright Walking Hominids Happy

Regardless of whether he will be the only hairy man-like beast in your yard or not, there are other garden friend statues you can add for him to hang out with. Depending on your taste these could be more fantastical creatures like garden gnomes, fairies, and tree faces or statues of real animals found in North America such as deer, squirrels, rabbits, bears, and more.

You may even want to go the primate route and search out different types of monkeys and apes. Having a Bigfoot yard statue really can give you a chance to get creative. And because Bigfoot is an important figure in the culture of many Native American tribes adding some Native American style sculptures, statues, or garden art would also be a natural choice.

Meet The Gnomesquatch

Garden gnome fans and collectors will be pleased to know that there are gnome-style Bigfoot options as well. These are often made to terrorize more traditional gnomes so they are always a hilarious addition to any garden space, gift for a squatch loving relative, or when you just want something small in size.

With the right Bigfoot statue even the biggest skeptics will soon enjoy seeing a hairy beast lurking on their property or even in their home. Who knew finding and enjoying Bigfoot could be so easy?

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