Homeowners often focus on helping their lawns thrive, but it’s important to understand that there’s more to a beautiful front yard or backyard than just lush green grass. In order to truly bring out the beauty of your property, there has to be a special touch — and there’s no better accentuating detail that can create true aesthetic appeal than the vibrant colors of different flowers.

If you live in the Southwestern U.S., then you know that there’s no use struggling with the environment, trying to make exotic species of plants grow. Landscaping, the industry specialists say, becomes successful when you work with the local climate and soil.

As such, if you want to infuse color and life into your lawn and garden, then the best way is to feature seasonal flowers that are native to the area. Eager to find out which flowers can work their magic on your outdoor space? Check out the list of some of the best flowers to plant in a Southwestern garden below.

For pretty colors all year round, you can’t go wrong with petunias. These hardy plants come in a wide range of brilliant hues and they can resist heat, cold, and pests. Hang several containers of this plant all around your home for delicate splashes of color.


Winter is no reason to give your yard a break from displaying brilliant color. Pansies grow well in the colder months.

If pink, red and white are your favorite colors, then you must have dianthus in your garden. It’s a hardy annual that grows from fall through spring.

Sweet Alyssum
This is a choice plant for warmer locations. With its small white flowers with yellow centers, it can make a dramatic and striking statement in flower beds as well as containers.


Great for borders, tetraneuris produces blue-green foliage and golden yellow flowers similar in shape to the beloved daisy. It blooms from spring and through to fall.

Wine Cups
For excellent groundcover, choose wine cups — the burgundy-red flowers are truly eye-catching and its foliage is so beautifully divided that it creates a lovely lawn feature even when not in bloom.

Ornamental Kale and Cabbage
These flexible plants can be added to beds, borders or containers and they come in wonderful pink, green and purple variegated shades. These thrive best in cool weather.


Texas Red Yucca
Love hummingbirds? Plant these in your garden and watch the tiny little birds appear. This flower is bright red and is known to be especially tolerant of heat and drought.

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