Without enough color outdoor spaces can often look dull and even boring. For brightening up your yard, adding visual interest, or even light, butterfly garden stakes are a quick and easy solution. With this guide you’ll be able to choose the right type for your needs and space.

There are a couple of different choices that can help you get the results you’re looking for. Each type is unique and can be used in slightly different ways. So here’s what you need to know about each of them.



Probably the most common of all options are small butterfly garden stakes made from PVC or other types of thin plastic. These actually are so thin that often are mistaken for coated paper. Because they are made from plastic they are waterproof and both wind and weather resistant. And with their lifelike size, colors, and patterns they can look quite real from a few feet away.

They will also have a very thin metal stake that will support your butterfly but at the same time is easy to conceal so that seems as if it is not attached to anything. Because the stakes are so slender they can actually often be bent or wrapped around things that you want to attach your butterfly to, such as branches.

Since the stakes are thinner than other varieties, you may want to wet the soil you are placing it in first. One feature many consumers prefer when shopping are adjustable wings. These can be set to the exact angle you’d like and since they’re also very thin can sometimes flutter a bit in the wind which is a nice touch.

Plastic butterfly garden stakes are definitely the cheapest out of all the options listed here and they are sold in packs which usually have quite a lot of them, so you pay very little per individual butterfly. This is good news because there are many places you can use them.

They are often used as a way to add color to walkways, flower, gardens, or individual flower pots. You may even want to use them indoors to liven up your houseplants or kitchen garden. Many people like to add their butterfly garden stakes to their fairy garden or close to their resident garden gnomes.

Butterflies also can be used as inexpensive yet attractive addition to flower arrangements for outdoor events and parties. You might also want to take advantage of their bendable stake and add one or a handful to an outdoor sign, wreath, fence, or even on your Christmas tree.

Butterfly garden stakes can also make discreet markers for your dog’s designated outdoor bathroom space or for certain flowers in your garden that may need specific care. Don’t forget when shopping though that butterflies can vary in size, so it’s always a smart idea to check the measurements of the ones you are considering before you buy them.


Butterfly Garden Stake Lights

A very fun and colorful option are butterfly garden stake lights. These look like brightly colored and realistic butterflies by day, but by night glow to give you a dazzling display. They are usually made from plastic but can also be metal or even glass. Lights may come in packs or be sold individually.

When shopping, you will want to decide if you want the actual stake to light up as well. Some models have a plain metal stake with a butterfly that lights up while others have a transparent stake that contains LED lights inside so that both will give off light.

Most lights are actually solar powered so they don’t require any extra wiring or hassle. They contain a battery which is charged by a solar panel so you won’t waste any electricity when using this environmentally friendly option in your yard.

But you will need to make sure your solar powered butterfly garden stakes are placed in a sunny spot. The majority of lights will come with an on/off switch so that you have the option of using them all the time or just occasionally. Most will also be able to change colors and have different modes.

Solar garden butterfly stakes are a unique lighting choice for paths and driveways but also as can work as accent lighting in gardens, around patios, and in potted plants too. By placing them near a garden bench, deck, or gazebo you can enjoy their color-changing display while relaxing in the evenings with family and friends.



Fans of both butterflies and art will most likely want to consider metal butterfly garden stakes. These come in a range of different metal types such as steel and copper. And while some are painted in realistic butterfly colors and patterns others are just painted to be extra bright in order to grab attention and add as much color as possible.

However you may prefer the look of an un-painted metal butterfly. A rusted or weathered finish is another option if you’d like something with a more vintage appearance. A lot of butterflies will have sections cut out which can be very appealing to eyes and allow you to see through them.

Metal butterflies are usually more expensive than other materials and often sold individually. They are also available in much bigger sizes than other materials, so if you are specifically looking for large butterfly garden stakes metal might be the best way to go.

Because these are not just a type of garden art, but actually metal yard sculptures they are sure to add a lot of visual interest to flower beds, lawns, and depending on their size can even be used as a focal point.



Another choice that can make a big impact with their appearance are glass butterfly garden stakes. Glass options are handcrafted pieces of artwork and the sight of the sun’s rays shining through them can be stunning. Most glass butterflies will actually be a combination of both glass and metal.

They will typically have a metal stake and framework for the body while the rest is made from glass. The glass is often hand-painted to add extraordinary detail to patterns and even a personal touch from the artist. Stained glass is an option too so you can enjoy a colorful glow just like you’d see in church windows.

Some stained glass butterfly garden stakes are even hand-painted as well. Like with the metal variety, glass butterflies are definitely a fabulous way to add color and also some real artwork to your outdoor space but with the added advantage of being able to catch the light in wonderful ways. Some butterflies use plastic that is made to look like glass to create a similar looking effect.

As you now know, butterfly garden stakes offer much more than just a splash of color. And with the many types you have to pick from, you can add to the appearance of any outdoor space and take it from dull to vibrant with little effort.

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