For many of us, there’s nothing we’d rather do than relax with a cup of coffee near the flower garden. Most people don’t realize however that the grounds used to make our coffee can help to increase the health and beauty of our garden.  Here’s what you’ll need to know before re-using your coffee grounds for flowers.

Are Coffee Grounds Good For Flowers?

Used grounds can be very helpful to flowers. And that’s why so many people decide to reap the benefits of them in the garden instead of just throwing them away. They provide nutrients which are crucial for plant health such as nitrogen, phosphorous, and potassium among others.

Another thing that makes coffee grounds good for flowers is that they can help to improve the quality of the soil which your flowers are growing in. Once in the soil the grounds help to retain moisture and water, which can allow roots to have access to them during dry conditions.

Because worms eat coffee grounds  their presence will help to attract worms to your garden. Worms excrete castings which are full of nutrients that can be easily absorbed by flowers. They also create tunnels which help aerate the soil and create space for roots to grow.

Coffee Grounds And pH

It’s important to remember that used coffee grounds can often have a pH that is slightly acidic. And when added directly to non-acidic soils, over time it can lower the pH levels of them to slightly acidic levels as well. In fact many gardeners add grounds to their garden for this very reason.


What Flowers Like Coffee Grounds?

While coffee grounds can benefit just about all flowers, not all types of flowers prefer the acidic conditions grounds can create when applied to the soil. If the flowers in your garden don’t like acidic soil you can simply add your coffee grounds to your compost.

And when that compost matures you can add it as a soil amendment to your garden. Coffee grounds can help to create very high quality compost that is rich with nutrients and organic material without the added acidity.

In general flowers that like coffee grounds are those that thrive in acidic or slightly acidic soil. For these types you can use grounds to help to create those conditions by adding them directly to the soil. Once they have cooled down, simply sprinkle the grounds on top of the soil surrounding your flowers, or dig them in.

Roses like coffee grounds and so do daffodils. Lily of the valley and hydrangeas like them too. In fact, hydrangeas and coffee grounds share a special relationship. By adding grounds to the soil around white hydrangeas they will eventually change to blue.

Using coffee grounds for flowers can help them to stay healthy and produce beautiful blooms you’re sure to enjoy. However if you are adding them directly to the soil, just remember to check first whether or not your flowers prefer acidic or slightly acidic conditions. If they don’t, you can always throw your grounds in your compost instead.

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