Does copper tape stop slugs? The answer is yes. And you can use this simple solution to keep your plants safe from those slimy plant-eating pests.

Repel Slimy Garden Invaders Without Harm

Despite being relatively small and very slow moving, slugs can do a lot of damage to individual plants and even entire gardens. Not only do they eat plants ranging from flowers all the way to fruits and vegetables, but they can actually also end up killing them by eating too much of their foliage.

Slugs also specifically target seedlings, killing these young plants before they have a chance to grow. Copper tape can be used very effectively to stop slugs and therefore slug damage.

However while it will repel them from getting into specific areas, unlike other slug control methods such a slug baits, it won’t kill them. Copper tape is used as a non-lethal deterrent which is also safe for the surrounding soil, pets, and humans.


How Does Copper Tape Stop Slugs?  

Slugs are covered in mucus. This mucous helps them to stick to surfaces when climbing, keeps them moist, and can discourage predators from eating them. Luckily for gardeners their mucus just happens to react with copper.

So when they try and cross over copper tape slugs actually get the equivalent of an electric shock from this reaction. This allows gardeners to use the tape in specific locations as a barrier to entry. For example you can use copper tape to stop slugs climbing up pots, getting into gardens, or raised garden beds.

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