There’s no way around it: If you want a lush lawn, you have to work for it. That entails putting in a lot of time, effort, and yes, money. And even if you are hiring experts in lawn care, you will still need to shoulder some of the responsibilities involved. That does not necessarily mean that everything needs to be difficult though. Try these tips and tricks for an easier time caring and maintaining your lawn.

An Ounce Of Prevention

Once weeds like crabgrass gain a foothold on your lawn, getting rid of them can be a handful for almost anyone, even seasoned gardeners. This is why it is crucial to nip the problem before the bud even begins to emerge. For crabgrass, the best way to prevent it from becoming a tough challenge to deal with is to use a pre-emergence herbicide.

Ideally, you should apply this herbicide early in the spring. It often takes just one application to effectively deal with these weeds. You do, however, need to apply a pre-emergence herbicide each year.

Don’t Cut The Grass Too Short

It may seem counterintuitive, but cutting the grass too short does not save you time or do wonders for your lawn. In fact, mowing the grass too short can make it vulnerable to weeds, diseases, and pests. And that can mean wasted time and money.

Add Mulch Around Young Trees

Adding mulch around young trees on your property will make life easier for you in two key ways. First, you will eliminate the hassle of mowing around trees or clipping the grass around them manually. And second, you will also be protecting your growing trees from damage by sharp lawn mower blades. An added benefit is that your lawn will also look neater.


Swap Grass For Ground Cover In Shady Areas

Planting grass in shady areas is an uphill battle. Although there are turf species that can thrive in shady areas, most species of grass need ample sunlight. Plus, turf species that do okay in shady areas have to contend with issues like weeds and bare ground. Instead of planting grass in shady areas, opt for ground cover that is shade-tolerant.

Create Paths With Pavers

Consider using pavers when planning garden paths. Pavers are much easier to trim around than other options. Just make sure that the pavers are set no higher than an inch above the ground.

Fertilize At Least Once, Ideally During Fall

Experts recommend applying fertilizers four times a year. However, if you can only apply fertilizer once a year, schedule the application during fall. Applying fertilizers during the fall will provide the turf with ample nutrients as it becomes dormant for the winter season.

Having a gorgeous lawn is within your reach. And by using these tips you will be able to attain one with much less effort and stress.

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