Landscaping is one of the things you can do to enhance the aesthetic value of your property. However, it can be quite a costly effort; you can spend hundreds of dollars for every little change you wish to apply to the layout of your lawn or garden.

So, forget landscaping? Lawn specialists say “Not necessarily,” since there are cheap ways for this property enhancement effort to be carried out. You simply need to be creative and resourceful.

To help you execute a frugal landscaping project, here are some tips from the experts that you can use:

Plant in Profusion

Forget about variety for the time being and just choose one or two plants that you can grow abundantly in strategic areas of your lawn. Limited variety has its own beauty, especially if it’s thriving well.


Pick Plants that Change Color

If you want a nice splash of color for your landscape, choose plants that actually change in color over the seasons. Likewise, there are those that yield flowers in different color intensities or shades. Consider these if you’re looking to create a colorful impact for your outdoor space without spending too much.

Use Pots

Pots and planters can add a new dimension to the landscape because of their shape and height. You can avoid moving earth to add height to certain areas of your lawn by using pots. Also, pots offer styling versatility because you can stack them, position them in certain ways, and even change their appearance to go with the design you want for your landscape.


Cuttings are Free

If you have family and friends that have their own flourishing gardens, ask if you can take a few cuttings from their rose bushes and other plants that you can propagate in your garden. Of course, you will need to wait a while for them to grow, but this will be a much cheaper way to introduce new plants to your landscape.

Garden Furniture

Introduce lawn accessories and furniture. Chairs, tables, DIY fountains, luminaries, birdbaths, and other implements can enhance your landscape and really make it come alive. You can get lawn accessories from swap meets, dollar stores, yard sales, Salvation Army, and other places that offer items for cheap.


Inexpensive Borders

To create edging for flowerbeds or for the grassy area of your outdoor space, collect rocks instead of buying bricks or other border materials. Or, if you have old ceramic plates that you no longer use, these make good alternatives as garden border materials.

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