There is no better way to make your outdoor space truly unique and of course your own, than adding some garden art.  With so much to choose from and so many ways to create your own, there is something for every preference. And with a few tips you can quickly and easily enhance the look of any space.

Huge Variety

One of the best things about garden art is that there is just such an enormous variety. It comes in all sizes, shapes, materials, and styles.

From fairy statues to decorative wind chimes and lanterns there really is something for every taste. Birdbaths, garden gnomes, and decorative stepping stones are also popular choices as are silhouettes which can be staked in the ground.

There are even statues of wildlife which can be placed in trees and ones which are aged to give them a more vintage look. The options are endless. And the best part is that because art is whatever is beautiful to you, you really are only limited by your imagination.

Many homeowners even choose to incorporate older or recycled items into their outdoor space. This is both a fun and  ”green,” way to design. Used indoor or outdoor furniture and décor often has a lot of character and can be bought for very cheap at garage sales and second hand shops.

It can work wonderfully well as functional garden art and its textures and colors add to their appeal. Bathtubs can be used as small ponds or planters. Mirrors can add both light and a sense of space.

A simple wagon wheel leaned up against the wall makes for a great conversation piece. Even old window panes, doors, and pillars work well.  Just be sure the item you are using can handle the outdoors and protect it if need be.


The Simplest Way To Start

The most effortless way to come up with garden art ideas that really go well with your space is to take a look at your house. Think about what would go well with the particular architectural style of your home and choose accordingly. Try to pick something that is of a similar style or theme.

A very modern home would therefore look best with modern looking water features or sculptures, while a for a beach cottage nautical themed décor would be ideal. If your home doesn’t really have a distinct style, you can choose whatever one you like most and go with that.

Many homeowners love to create a peaceful Eastern feel by adding statues of Buddha along with Eastern inspired water features. And don’t forget you can add plants which accentuate the theme you choose even more like planting bamboo for example.

While you ultimately have the final say in the garden art you choose and you should feel free to express your personality choosing pieces which are similar in style and theme to your home is the easiest way to go.


Less Is More

The biggest mistake people make when purchasing garden art is actually buying too much of it. This is particularly true when it comes to smaller pieces as they are often inexpensive and are easily collected.

While one or two adorable animal statues around your pond can make it look fantastic, too many can actually take away from both the look of the pond and the individual statues themselves.

It can also be quite distracting. There is no reason to go overboard. Less is often more, and even pieces that are not that large in size can make a big impression when used as a focal point or used close to one. Placing your art at the end or in the bend of a garden path, or near a water feature are natural ways to invite people to experience it.

From new to old and small to large, garden art has something to offer everyone. It doesn’t matter if it’s a second hand bathtub or a marble statue, as long as it is beautiful to you. Just remember to try to go with the style or theme of your home if there is one, and that less is often more and you’re sure to have success no matter what you choose.

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