There aren’t many statue options that can be used for both Halloween displays and as an interesting conversation piece. A bat statue can function as both of these and more. And here’s everything you’ll want to know when looking for one.

Bats are one animal that people usually either love or hate. In fact many people are actually very afraid of them. So it’s no wonder that along with animals such as black cats they are a symbol of Halloween.

While some species eat fruit, many others many happen to be bug-eating machines, consuming many times their body weight in backyard pests per night. Whether you’re a bat fan, intrigued by their totally unique looks, or you simply love Halloween with this guide you’ll be able to find the right bat statue for your needs and space.


Choosing A Type Of Bat

When shopping, you’ll notice that statues are often made to look like specific bats species. For example some are designed to look like fruit bats. They may even be made to look like one of the biggest bats and fruit-eaters of them all, the flying fox.

For spookier situations, such as Halloween, a vampire bat statue may be the perfect touch. And yes vampire bats do really drink blood, although it’s usually from livestock not people. Statues are usually much larger than real vampire bats which are actually quite small in real life. This helps to make them look scarier.

Some vampire bat statues will also have their mouths open to show their razor sharp fangs as well. Of course there are bat statues that are simply made to look like bats in general, not any specific species. The type may not matter to you as long as it has wings, pointy ears and looks like a bat. And there are always options which are more artistic in style too.


Bat Poses

Different types of animal statues come in different poses. And for bat statues that usually means either hanging upside down or flying.

Hanging Bats: Many statues are of bats hanging by their feet, since that’s how real bats sleep. The statue’s feet are often attached to a fake branch or post which can be screwed or nailed into the surface you’d like to hang it on. Or a hanging bat statue may have feet that function as hooks which can be placed right over branches or ledges.

Yet another option are attached to a rope by their feet. These can add a sense of lifelike movement. When the rope is hung outdoors it allows the bat to swing back and forth whenever there’s a breeze. When shopping you may want to think about what position you’d prefer the wings of your statue to be in.

While some bats have their wings closed or wrapped around themselves.  Others may have them spread out as if they are about to take off and fly or even in a menacing display.

Flying Bats: A flying bat statue is an option as well. These are typically designed to be attached directly to walls, doors, trees, or other vertical surfaces.

This gives the statue the support it needs which is very important especially for the extended wings. Since they are wall statues you can expect them to be three dimensional but not finished on all sides.

Material Choices

Once you decide on which type of bat you want and in what pose, you’ll need to think about material. While it may be common find other animal statues made from concrete or stone this isn’t the case with bats.

That’s because these materials are way too heavy to be used high up off the ground. Not only would they be inconvenient but would most likely be damaged if they were to fall. Instead you’ll find statues made from materials such as metal or resin since they typically only weigh a few pounds at most.

Metal: A metal bat statue is usually the best option if you are looking for something more on the artistic side. Some metal bats may be painted or have a protective finish. Although rusted statues are very popular.

Their reddish-brown color of the rust is similar to the natural color of many bat species. These may be made from rusted metal or come with a patina that makes them look as if they’ve already been outdoors for many years. Other metal options are made to rust on their own when they’re left outside.

Resin: The most realistic looking statues are normally made from resin. These are often hand-painted to make them look as lifelike as possible. And from a few feet away they may look so real that they’re confused for the real thing. A resin bat statue can also be made to look just like a wide variety of other materials including many types of metal, stone, and concrete but without the bulk or cost.

Best Bat Uses

Bats are not your average piece of garden décor and that’s exactly what makes them special. For backyard statue fans and nature lovers a bat makes an interesting and unique addition to any outdoor space or statue collection. And for bat enthusiasts they always make a much-appreciated and thoughtful gift.

You may want to hang your bat from a tree to create a natural looking conversation piece, which guests may think is real. Or you may want to use it as a piece of rustic décor in a country setting or log cabin. If you have an actual bat house you might want to place your statue nearby. And of course using bat statues for Halloween displays is extremely popular for both homes and business.

Front porches, trees, decks, walls, fences, and even outdoors structures such as gazebos and pergolas are all spots you can use a single bat or a bunch to create the perfect Halloween atmosphere. And don’t forget bats can also be used indoors too, not just for Halloween celebrations but also when you’d like to create a Gothic style space.


Is That Real?

Many people purchase a bat statue with the intention of fooling their friends and guests. And of course even if that’s not your main goal, being able to do so is one of the top benefits of owning a bat.

To increase the odds that it will trick them you’ll want to choose a hanging statue that is as realistic as possible. Placing it so it’s a bit higher up in a tree or rafters can help too. This will allow it to be seen but not as clearly. Indoors you placing in a dim spot will help to make it harder to tell if it’s real as well.

If it hangs from a rope and you’re using it outside be sure to place it somewhere where it will catch the breeze to give it some movement. For maximum shock value however, you can also hang it much lower down.

By placing so it’s hanging at eye level and around the corner of a house, garage, shed, or turn in a garden path it will be sure to create some screams. Just be careful who you decide to have a bit of fun with, since bats are one animal that can cause extreme reactions.


Spooky Statue Sidekicks And Hanging Pals

There are a few other types of statues that work well with bats that you may want to consider. For Halloween displays crow or raven statues are often purchased together since they’re another animal that is often associated with the spookiest day of the year.

Tree faces can also help to create a creepy scene too if you have trees in your front yard to use them. But of course don’t overlook skeletons or zombies. And there are always other pieces of bat-themed décor as well.

When it comes to finding hanging statue friends for your bat, there aren’t that many options. However monkey statues are one type that are often made to hang from ropes as well and can help to keep you bat company.

A bat statue is a fun and unique option. Whether it’s just for Halloween or year-round enjoyment wherever you place it, your bat will be sure to get a ton of attention or even screams.

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