If you want to enjoy your outdoor living space during the warmer months without getting eaten alive by mosquitoes, then there is work to be done. Read on below to find out exactly how to keep these bloodsucking pests away from your backyard when the temperature heats back up.

A Word About Mosquitoes

These creatures feed on the blood of both humans and animals because it contains the proteins they need for their eggs to hatch and mature. They are attracted by the carbon dioxide you exhale, the lactic acid your skin generates as you sweat, and your overall body temperature and heat.

Because mosquitoes are drawn to human skin like a magnet, the best way not to get bitten by them is to have a barrier. This is what all good mosquito repellents create. Sometimes though, the most effective barrier is merely taking steps to ensure your space is not the sort of place where mosquitoes will thrive.

Here are some of the things you can do to keep these annoying insects away from your backyard:

Remove Or Cover All Sources Of Standing Water

These are a literal breeding ground for mosquitoes, providing the perfect environment in which the female can lay her eggs (up to 400 at a time by some estimates!). Go around your yard and empty all flowerpots and containers that have become filled with rainwater; also regularly change the water in birdbaths.

If you have a swimming pool in your backyard, be sure to maintain it regularly. Get a pool pump and run it through to keep water circulating and prevent your pool turning into a source of stagnant, standing water – perfect for mosquitoes. Disinfect and chlorinate the water on a periodic basis – this will wipe out any residual mosquito larvae.

Also remember to remove any leaves that are lying upon the surface of the water, as research has shown mosquitoes prefer laying eggs in water that has leaves on top of it. When not in use, cover your pool, and also remove whatever water collects on the pool cover (from rainfall for example) – this too can be another potential breeding ground for mosquitoes.

Meanwhile, mow your lawn regularly, trim your hedges, and pull out weeds and wild grasses. A garden with lots of vegetation provides ample opportunities for mosquitoes to take shelter. Avoid watering your plants too often, as this encourages rapid re-growth (especially in summer), and the excess moisture can also serve as another possible breeding ground for these bloodsucking pests.


Set Up A Mosquito Trap

 These devices work by luring in mosquitoes using heat, gas, or light, and then trapping and kill them. Citronella candles and mosquito repelling incense can also help, not to trap them but to keep them away.

Don’t Use The Wrong Lighting

Make sure the outdoor lighting you use in your backyard is not such as to attract mosquitoes. In other words, avoid using very bright, yellow-colored lighting in your backyard: like a mosquito trap, they will draw in the mosquitoes, however unlike a mosquito trap, they don’t kill them!

Using these lights is nothing more than a great way to make your yard a beacon for airborne pests. Instead you should opt for outdoor lights that are cooler and of a more subdued color.

Use An Outdoor Fan

 The swirling, turbulent air will make it more difficult for mosquitoes to navigate a path to your skin. Plus it will keep you and your guests cool!


Make Your Skin As Unappealing As Possible

To deter mosquitoes from landing on your skin, keep your skin covered up as much as possible when going outside. Put on long pants and a long sleeved shirt, shoes and socks will help too. Tuck your long sleeved shirt into your pants, and trousers into your socks.

And for an additional mosquito protection you can wear bracelets that repel all types of mosquitoes, because they will help mask your scent, which means that the mosquitoes will have harder time to peg you as their next target. Avoid being outside during ‘peak mosquito period’.

Mosquitoes tend to out in full force at dusk and dawn, so avoid being out in your backyard during these periods. For the patches of skin that are still exposed, use a good strong insect repellent, if you are not a fan of the commercial synthetic ones containing DEET, choose a natural alternative – there are many good ones out there.

Finally, and as a last resort, consider calling out a pest control company to your property! They will do an assessment of your backyard, recommend treatments that will be effective for your situation – they may even be able to provide you with devices like insect foggers or misters that emit insecticide into their surrounding in order to keep the mosquitoes away.

You and your loved ones don’t have to be sitting targets for biting insects this summer. Follow the advice laid out in this article and you will be able to keep your backyard a mosquito-free zone.

Author Bio: Karen Thompson is the founder of InsectCop.net, a mosquito control blog detailing the best ways to combat mosquitoes and make sure they don’t bite you while you are spending your time outdoors.

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