If you are lucky to live in a house that has a big garden and you want to turn it into a place where you can spend the warm summer evenings, you have to make a plan in advance and start the preparations a few months before the season begins. Even if you do not have enough experience in performing gardening projects, having the right set of tools as well as a bit of determination should be enough for making your garden a beautiful, cozy place. There is no better place for relaxation than your garden. Nothing compares to the tranquility and the calmness it ensures.

Yet, there are certain must-do activities that increase your chance of achieving your goal. Check them out below:

  • If you intend to make your garden the perfect spot for relaxation during the summer, you have to start the preparations well before the beginning of spring. Seed the plants you wish indoors and keep them in a warm place. Seeding plants is usually less expensive than buying starting plants. Don’t forget to fertilize the soil before you plant them in the ground. In order to prevent frosting, you can cover the pots with old paper towel rolls. Alternatively, you can just cover them with a plastic bag, but make sure you take if off in the morning.

  • Before you even start any gardening project, make sure you clean up the garden and remove all loose debris, the moss from the driveway, damaged tree branches, etc.
  • As mentioned above, the right set of gardening tools is important for achieving the best results, so make sure you take good care of the shovels, shears, mower blade and all the other tools you will be using. The sharper they are, the easier it will be to complete your project.
  • Take care of the overgrown shrubs and bushes. If necessary, arrange for professional gardeners to handle these two projects for you. Some companies even have a portfolio with projects they have already completed, so you may be able to take at some photos and choose the shape of how you want the bushes to be cut.
  • Limiting weed growth is essential for the overall appearance of the entire garden, so you’d better get a specialized weed killer that is known for doing an excellent job. Be careful not to damage your plants, though.

  • No garden will look like an inviting place to relax unless you create a warm, welcoming atmosphere. Take the garden furniture out of the basement, garage, or shed and clean it thoroughly. Depending on the material it is made of it may also need a touch up, polishing, or a application of a sealer to protect it from the weather. The same applies to the patio itself, you’ll most likely need to give it a good cleaning.
  • Apart from the patio furniture and patio, you’ll also want to make sure the barbecue is clean and ready for you to start entertaining and enjoying your outdoor space with family and friends.
  • An easy to perform project you might like is making flower pots out of old plastic bottles. By choosing colorful bottles you can add a splash of color in dull looking areas and for dirt cheap.
  • Make sure you choose the right place for the your plants. Some flowers love bathing in the sunlight, while others grow well when put in a shady place where they are protected against direct sunlight, and of course others need a little bit of both.

Admittedly, turning your garden into a wonderful place may be a little time consuming projects but once you see the end results, you’ll know that all your time and effort was more than justified.

About The Author:

Nora runs a small cleaning company in London called Chiswick LawnMowing. She likes writing articles about gardening and cleaning.

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