Like most people, you likely enjoy spending time in your backyard. It’s a great place to grill a meal, have a picnic or watch your children play. However, most homeowners forget that it is just as important to secure a backyard as well as a house.

Thieves will survey your property and look for the quickest and easiest way in. The backyard is a great way to gain entry because it gets them out of sight and affords them some privacy as they attempt to break in. If you are interested in securing your backyard, read on for a few important tips that will help keep your home safe.

Install A Solid Back Door

When a thief enters your backyard, he immediately looks for your back door. He will attempt to access your home through this entrance. Therefore, you need to make sure that you have a solid door with a good lock on it. He will likely try to either pick the lock or smash the door down (or both).

If you have a good lock, like you will be able to deter him and he may not be able to get into your home at all. Make sure you use a residential locksmith that will secure your home properly and install your locks the right way.

Get A Fence

Having a solid fence in your backyard is a great way to secure the area, but you must make sure that it is in good condition and you must make sure that you lock the gate. The gate should be locked any time you are not using the backyard.

Doing so, is an easy way to keep anyone from getting in.  This is because they are unlikely to spend several minutes trying to break through the lock as it increases their chances of being seen and possibly even caught.

Invest In Landscaping

If your backyard is overgrown, it provides cover for someone trying to gain entry. Trim back your foliage so that your yard is neat and tidy. Not only will it look good, but it will thwart the thief’s efforts to hide.

Some homeowners also make sure to use shrubs in areas that are up against their homes and windows which have thorns so that they would be very painful or difficult for anyone who would try hide in.

Pick Up And Lock Up

Do not leave anything laying out in your yard that a thief could use to gain access to your property. For example, he could pick up a tool lying in the grass and use it to pick the lock on the back door or break a window. A ladder could easily be used it to get up to an unlocked, upstairs window.

Therefore it’s always very important to put all of your equipment away in an outdoor storage container, garage, or shed and make sure it is locked.

By following these tips you will be able to keep not only your backyard safe but your home more secure too. So be sure to get started applying them as soon as possible to make sure your property is not an easy target.

Author Bio: Contributed by professional locksmith Efi B. If you’re local to Tampa, Florida, be sure to check him out at Amerca’s Lock and Key, experts in residential locksmithing!

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