While we all love our pets, sometimes what they leave behind can be a real mess. Dog poop not only stinks but can quickly turn your gorgeous garden or lawn into a mine field of epic proportions. In order to make sure you have an outdoor space that both you and your pooch can enjoy without risking stepping in any brown bombs you’ll want to follow the tips below.

Pick A Space

One of the simplest ways to keep the majority of your space waste-free is to pick a spot where you want your dog to use the bathroom. Somewhere on the perimeter of your property is usually a smart idea so that it is not adjacent to areas where you will be relaxing or playing.

So for example not near your gorgeous rattan garden furniture or gazebo. You simply don’t want to leave it up to chance or up to the discretion of your pooch. After you decide on where you want your pet to go, you’ll want to create an association in his mind to using it as his spot.

You can do this by bringing him there on a leash when it is his usual time to relieve himself. This may take several attempts and require some walking around first. But once your canine has used the area several times he will feel comfortable and want to use it daily since it has his scent.

If you have multiple dogs you should bring them each out separately on a leash until they have finished doing their business. Taking the time to do this will really save you a lot of time in the future as it will mean your pet will relieve itself for the most part in a confined space. You won’t have to deal with a spreadout mess.

Build A Space

If you are handy and love DIY you may want to spend a few bucks and afternoons building an outdoor dog toilet area. This is often a great way to go if you don’t have much space or only have a small lawn area. You can find free plans to build these online and many of them can even have drains for urine.

These can be as simple as a square, circular, or rectangular area that is separated from the rest of your property by a border made from wood, bricks, or stone. They usually use a material like sand or pebbles as a surface for your dog to poop on. Some owners even use artificial turf.

Many pet product retailers even offer outdoor doggy toilets using turf with a removable tray underneath for urine to drain into. Something to keep in mind is that after using one type of surface material for a while some dogs will only want to use that specific type in the future, which may be a problem when your pet is outside of your property.


Gather Your Tools

Of course once you have a space you will need to pick up your dog’s poop. To help you there are numerous options. While using a standard plastic bag is always one of them, this can be a little risky since after being used for other things they may have developed holes which you haven’t noticed.

Purchasing bags specifically made for dog waste is a much better choice. Many are scented to help keep the smell to a minimum. Investing in a quality pooper scooper can really help especially if you don’t want to have to bend down constantly or will be picking up a large volume of waste.

There are many different types from the classic scissor style to those that are designed for use on certain surfaces like grass. So it would be wise to check out the different options and what will work best with your situation.




Getting rid of your pets waste is just as important as picking it up. There are many ways you can do this. Placing bagged poop in your garbage bin is a common one, although you could purchase a separate bin that is used just for pet waste.

Some homeowners if they have a larger property will dig a hole in the ground and once it’s almost full will cover it up and then dig a new one. If you plan on doing this however you may want to check local laws first.

Installing an in-ground dog waste disposal system is another choice. There are also waste stations you can buy that include their own bin and compartment for keeping plastic bags. These are designed to blend in well with your yard and handle all types of weather.

Now that you know the basics there is no reason to allow your outdoor space to be taken over by your pets poop. By creating a designated space, getting the right tools to help you pickup waste, and having a sanitary place to get rid of it you’ll be able to enjoy your property and own a dog without dealing with all the poop.

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