Landscaping your home can be a daunting and expensive task but it’s all worth it as the results can enhance the façade of your home and inevitably increase the property’s value. An affordable material that shouldn’t be overlooked when landscaping is crushed rock. We’ve compiled a list of reasons why crushed rock is one of the best choices when landscaping your garden and driveway.

Color and Size Variations

Crushed rock comes in a variety of size and colors meaning you have a plethora of choice to fit your needs and style. Contrasting colors can offer a pleasing visual, such as a red brick house with tan crushed rock or, for a white or yellow house, use a red lava crushed rock.

When laying your crushed rock, it is recommended that you use a landscape fabric underneath to help keep it at the surface. Without the landscaping fabric, the crushed rock can become embedded in the soil and ultimately be covered in mud from watering and rain.



Paving and concrete pathways and driveways can have you forking out thousands. Crushed rock is not only the more affordable option for pathways and driveways, it is significantly less labor intensive than concrete pouring or paving, saving you even more money.

Locally sourced crushed rock from your local quarry company is also much lighter on the pocket than imported products. By using locally sourced crushed rock you are also keeping to the natural landscape of your location.


Water Conservation

Storm water runoff is rain or melted snow that runs over the land instead of absorbing into the soil. After large rainfalls, storm water is generally absorbed by foliage, nature’s sponge.

Unfortunately, due to drought stricken environments and our requisite for yards with minimum upkeep, we have transformed our landscapes into very ‘hard’ places with the overuse of concrete.

Crushed rock is a permeable material; meaning storm water soaks in instead of running off. By implementing a crushed rock pathway or driveway you are ensuring that no storm water is lost down the drain.

If you have the budget for expensive pavers think about integrating them with crushed rock to create a stunning contrast, allowing you to still conserve storm water.

Due to the affordability and many variants crushed rock comes in, your yard is your blank canvas. Whether you use crushed rock for a driveway, pathway, or to circle a fire pit or water feature, you will have unlimited creativity options.

Think outside the box and design a landscape that suits your style coupled with the needs of your yard and climate. The varieties are endless!

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