Over-fertilization is among the biggest mistakes property owners make when it comes to lawn care. In turn, this can lead to damages and unnecessary costs. To ensure the health of your lawn, you need to be very generous and quick in using lawn tonics.

Putting too much fertilizer rarely turns out well. People think that doing so will do good; however, this strategy can be counter-productive. In fact, this may even lead to costly damages and repair issues.

Severe lawn damage can happen wherein the grass will not grow for a long time. Be reminded that most lawns are naturally healthy. They won’t require lime for grass to grow beautifully.

So why would you fix something that is not broken? If you want to become smart with lawn care, lawn specialists emphasize holding off on the tonics and performing a pH test first. Lawn care services and gardening stores offer a gadget for measuring pH levels.

You can actually buy your own or perhaps hire the professionals to determine the pH level of soil in order to figure out if lawn tonics are necessary or otherwise.

When To Apply Fertilizers

When your soil has a pH level of 5.5 or higher applying pulverized limestone or chalk is not necessary since it’s the ideal level for healthy grass growth. You may also need to skip other chemicals, most especially when you are preparing your lawn for spring.

It is actually best for everything to launch into the season naturally. If you choose to use a boost, applying a quarter inch layer of compost to your turf is a smart option just as the winter is easing into spring. If you do so, good results are ensured since the soil is still soft around this time.

In turn, there will be a maximum absorption of significant nutrients from the compost. Lawn care experts highly recommend applying the compost evenly in early spring – you need to spread and rake compost into your turf so it’ll blend with soil much better. Also, pests will not be attracted to the compost.

Performing a pH test first and holding off on lawn boosters won’t just help the growth of your lawn. This will likewise help save you a lot of money, especially if you have a huge lawn and you usually hire professionals for its maintenance. Avoiding a chemical overload for your outdoor space will save you several thousand dollars.

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