A healthy lawn is all about good practices — and one of the most important practices to keep lawns lovely and thriving is lawn mowing. Residents can benefit from the tips shared below by a professional lawn care service on how grass cutting should be done for every season.


Lawn mowing is not a must during this season, especially in areas that get snow and frost. Actually, lawn mowing will do more harm than good this season, so hold off on this maintenance task throughout winter.

For several weeks, property owners can take a break from this task; however, lawn care professionals recommend getting lawn mowers serviced (have the mower cleaned, the blades sharpened, the spark plugs replaced, et cetera) in preparation for the following season, which surely will be quite busy.



Come spring, lawn mowing will have to be done regularly to restore the nice appearance of turf and to promote growth. The key to mowing grass this season is to cut 1/3 off of the grass’s height and to keep the lawn at the same height.

The ideal height for grass is 6-7 cm (approximately 2.5 inches). Make sure grass is cut with a sharp blade every time.


When summer hits, lawn mowing should be done with protecting the grass in mind. It’s imperative to mow correctly in order to keep grass alive, which will be quite a challenge given the extreme weather conditions.

Lawn care professionals say that mowing doesn’t need to be frequent since it’s important for grass to maintain a good height in order to fight the heat and the appearance of weeds.

Don’t cut grass really short; instead, keep it at 7-8cm (approximately 3 inches) so it maintains its nutrients and it doesn’t suffer much from the intense heat of the sun. In the summer, lawn mowing isn’t the primary focus of lawn upkeep; watering is.



During this season, lawns get their final cut for the seasonal cycle because grass won’t be growing much when it gets really cold. Lawn mowing doesn’t need to be done frequently as well during autumn.

But be sure to mow the lawn for the last time on the last week (or second to the last week) of the season and keep grass height at about 8-9cm (approximately 3.5 inches). Leaving grass slightly higher than normal will make it more impervious to the chilly weather.

Every season requires specific lawn care to be performed so lawns thrive well. Follow these lawn mowing tips to achieve year-round outdoor beauty for your property.

About the Author: Kenneth Lawrence is a passionate “handyman”. But he also values the importance of getting expert help whenever necessary. He visits sites like https://www.jimsmowing.net. And he shares guidelines and tips about home improvement.

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