Owning a real monkey means investing in large amounts of bananas on a monthly basis and is definitely not recommended for everyone. Having a monkey statue on the other hand is, doesn’t require any fruit, and may even bring you good luck. So here’s everything you’ll need to know when shopping for one.

Monkeys are one animal that always seem to bring a smile to our faces. Whether it’s their hilarious expressions, amazing acrobatic abilities, or just how cute they are monkeys are hard not to love.

With such adorable looks and the many monkey statue feng shui benefits they make an ideal addition to homes, gardens, and businesses. Statues are often made to look like specific monkey species although some are actually apes such as chimps and orangutans.


Statue Sizes

There are a wide range of sizes to choose from when deciding on a statue. Many options are small enough to be displayed on counters, desks and shelves. But life-size statues are widely available as well.

These can range from the size of baby monkeys up to full-size adults. If you want a large monkey statue a life size chimpanzee or orangutan would therefore be a good way to go. Some statues may even include multiple monkeys or mothers and babies together.


Monkey Styles

Monkey statues come in a few different styles as well which makes finding something that works with your space and preferences easy. Highly realistic statues can have details and colors that are so lifelike that they can make people think there’s a monkey on the loose in your yard.

Another option are statues with realistic features but that are painted with colors that are more creative instead of natural looking. Others may look semi-real but are more on the cartoonish side. And there are always more artistic style monkeys as well.

Because monkeys are one of the twelve Chinese zodiac symbols and important in feng shui, so there are many Asian style statues available too. Most often you’ll see these statues in gold or jade and there’s more on them below.


Popular Poses

Statues come in variety of poses. It’s very common to see them making cute or funny facial gestures just like real monkeys do in the wild. Their human-like hands are often used to hold things such baskets, lanterns, welcome signs, wine bottles, or even lights.

They are often made to be sitting, standing, hugging one another, or just monkeying around. One of the most fun and unique options is a hanging monkey statue. These will usually be attached to a rope which can be hung from a branch, wall, gazebo, pergola, or other structure.

They may appear to be climbing up the rope or just hanging by it and having fun. Some hanging options don’t actually have a rope and the statue can be hung from its hand. There are also statues in various poses which can be mounted up to a tree or walls as well.

Because monkeys are so human-like, you’ll often see statues not just wearing clothing but doing things that people do. For example it’s not uncommon for them to be meditating, reading books, golfing, smoking or even drinking alcohol.


Well-Known Statue Choices

Monkey Butler Statue: Who wouldn’t want their very own monkey butler? These classic options feature a monkey dressed up in suit just like a human butler. They are often holding serving trays which can be used to hold drinks or appetizers for guests.

Because of their pose and uniform they are often also advertised as a waiter monkey statue. Another take on monkey butlers are statues which are holding a tabletop with the monkey functioning as decorative table base.


Speak No Evil Hear No Evil See No Evil Monkey Statue: These are made up of three monkeys and each monkey is meant to represent one of the statements in the famous proverb: “see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil.”While one is covering his eyes, another will be covering his ears, and the last covering his mouth.

These are also sometimes called a three wise monkey statue as well. In the Buddhist religion this proverb typically is interpreted as not dwelling on bad thoughts making it an appropriate choice and reminder for any home or garden.

Many of these will feature all three monkeys attached to one another in a single statue either sitting in a row or right on top of one another. Other options may be sets where you can purchase all three individually which is convenient if you’d like to place them in different locations.


Darwin Monkey Statue: Charles Darwin is famous for his theory of evolution which concluded that man evolved from apes. In a joke on this many statues feature a monkey holding a human skull as if pondering how they evolved from us instead.


Feng Shui Monkey Statue: Feng shui monkeys are often given as gifts to those who have the monkey sign according to the Chinese zodiac. They are also very popular housewarming gifts because of the luck they are said to bring.  In general monkeys are believed to help you overcome obstacles.

Although their meaning can depend on what the monkey is holding and doing. For example when holding gold coins or ingots it can help to bring wealth. A monkey holding a peach is believed to help a long and healthy life.

A monkey riding a horse statue symbolizes the rise to power and therefore would be ideal for someone who wants a promotion. A monkey that’s depicted riding an elephant while holding gold coins will help to bring about a triumph over hard times but also future financial abundance.

And don’t forget the monkey king a character partly based in fiction but also on the famous monk Xuan Zang. A monkey king statue can come in various poses including holding his golden rod. Because he overcame many obstacles he is said to help remedy relationship, health, and career problems.



Monkeys are widely available in a range of materials. A resin monkey statue that is hand-painted will usually be the most lifelike. These are also lightweight and durable which is why they’re used for hanging options as well.

Metal statues can also be very realistic as well but with much more of an elegant feel instead of a natural one. For instance a bronze monkey statue would make a classy looking addition to any space, although it will cost more than most other materials. Monkeys are also carved from natural stones such as marble and also jade.

Although since these stones can be extremely expensive many consumers choose a faux stone statue made from resin instead which looks similar but without the price tag. When shopping for a golden monkey statue you’ll notice these are typically also made from resin as well instead of real gold or brass.

For something tough yet not as costly as stone another choice is concrete. Just keep in mind that a concrete monkey statue will be very heavy. And for a piece of natural artwork don’t overlook statues carved from a variety of different wood types.

Monkey Statue Friends

It’s very common to purchase a monkey only to find that you want a few more friends to keep him from getting lonely or add to your collection. A simple solution is to add a few more monkeys. Choosing statues in various poses, sizes, and styles can add some real interest to your space.

You may want to add some baby monkeys or a few different species. You can keep the theme going and get even bigger and hairier with primates such as a gorilla or even a giant bigfoot statue! For those who are creating a jungle style garden space there are many animal types that will work well too.

Placing a giraffe, zebra, or lion statue in your yard is guaranteed to make it seem much more jungle-like. And certain reptile options such as an alligator or iguana statue always portray a tropical feel too.

If you have a hanging monkey don’t overlook the option of adding other hanging friends as well, particularly ones which work well in a jungle scene. For instance a parrot or bat statue would do the trick. Using palm trees either real or fake can make a fabulous monkey habitat indoors or out. And fake hanging vines are an excellent background particularly indoors.

A monkey statue is a fun choice that will be sure to grab attention and cause lots smiles. And with this guide you have more than enough info to get started right.

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