5 Green Rooftop Deck Design Ideas

Green rooftops were first spotted in urban environments where they were used as a way to help add some green space to roof terraces. From there, the idea began to spread as it was discovered that green roofs also helped to filter water, insulate the building they’re grown on, and improve the air quality of the area around them. And of course they can create a garden-like area even where space is very limited.

Creating a green rooftop is fairly easy and can be done anywhere. The type of plants used will depend on the environment. For example, in drier climates succulents can be used along with a thinner deck, while in wetter climates plants with deeper roots and a more substantial roof deck can be used to help filter more of the water. These five, green rooftop deck design ideas will help inspire you to create a rooftop garden of your own.

Wooden Terrace Walkway

Having a green roof that filters water and a deck or terrace where you can relax don’t need to be mutually exclusive ideas. Consider filling your roof top with plants and a well laid drainage system, then install a wood terrace walkway and deck over the plants.

The wood deck can be raised up slightly so that water can flow beneath it, enabling you to walk across the roof without disturbing the plants. This method lets you to get all the benefits of a green roof including the insulating properties, water filtration, and maximum air cleansing, but still allows you an area to enjoy yourself as well.


Plants for Privacy

Any amount of plant life growing on your roof is going to help filter water and insulate the area below. This doesn’t mean that you need to necessarily cover your entire space with plants, particularly if you also use the roof deck as an extension of your living area.

Consider making only the edges or perimeter of your deck into a green roof, while you keep the interior open for other uses. Three to four feet in on all sides is enough to help filter the water running down from your roof, helping you to capture this benefit.

At the same time, by planting taller plants, bushes, or trees around the perimeter of your roof, you can create a private terrace, perfect for smaller buildings that don’t have as much a view, but that can be viewed easily from surrounding buildings.


Multi-Level Roof

If your building has several levels or many separate roof areas, consider turning each one into a separate green space. Keep the most accessible level of the rooftop as a deck or terrace where you can enjoy the view of the surrounding areas. Then plant each of the other, separate roof tops with different varieties of plants.

As long as the soil is deep enough and the drainage mats are adequate, you can plant nearly any variety of plant on your roof that you’d see in a garden on the ground. Flowering plants, shrubs, moss, succulents, and other plants can all be used to create a beautiful display that helps to insulate your building at the same time.


Center Rooftop Garden

While there are many ways to benefit from having a green roof, unless you also plan out some walkways, patios, or other surrounding areas, you won’t be able to truly enjoy it. For large, flat roofs, one method may include centering the plant life in the middle of the roof, to cover the majority of the area.

This will enable you to get the most out of the roof as far as insulation and water filtering. Then fill in the perimeter of the roof with crushed stone, wooden walkways, or even mulch. As long as you keep the drainage system adequate across the entire roof, you can easily accommodate patio or other areas at the same time.


Wild Garden

Those that like to garden or enjoy the outdoors usually will cultivate their roof, creating a well laid out grid of plants. This isn’t the only way to enjoy your space, however. Planting things like wild flowers, grasses, and flowering shrubs in a more organic way can be just as beautiful, and will require less overall care.

You can still include paths, patios, or incorporate a maintenance-free decking space, and other areas to relax and enjoy your roof. And their more natural or wild appearance can make a beautiful contrast to the urban areas they’re planted in.

There’s no one way you to create a green roof, but instead endless ways to enjoy the greenery and benefits it brings. By adding one to your home or building you will be able to reap these benefits for yourself.

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