If you’re thinking of reducing the amount of money you normally spend for lawn maintenance, using kitchen ingredients instead of commercial products can definitely help. This brand of practical lawn care, gardeners say, has been used since time immemorial and they continue to be used to this day because they truly work and don’t cost much.

For common garden woes, here are the best kitchen remedies to use:


There are two popular kitchen ingredients effective in killing off and preventing fungal growth in grass and other garden plants. Cinnamon and baking soda can fight off fungi that attack the roots and stems.

When you want to use cinnamon, just sprinkle the powder directly on the seedlings. As for baking soda, you will have to mix 3 tablespoons to a quart of water and spray the solution on infected plants until the fungi are gone.



This is a common problem for vegetable gardens; tomatoes, cucumbers and lettuce often suffer from it. Mix one part milk and one part water and spray this solution on plants to control the problem.

Snails and Slugs

These slow crawlers love to feed on grass and leaves. When there’s an infestation, your lawn will likely look more brown than green. To prevent snails and slugs from feeding off your garden, pour a small amount of beer on a shallow paper plate. Beer will attract the crawlers into the plate but they will not be able to get out; eventually, they’ll die.


These are known to rob grass and plants of essential nutrients for growth but they can be controlled using white vinegar. This sour substance is powerful enough to kill off crab grass and dandelions. Just make sure to spray it directly on the weeds because vinegar is very acidic.



These are the peskiest to deal with because not only do they sabotage the development and health of grass and plants, but they tend to find their way into the home as well.

There are different solutions available for everything — from ants to beetles to flies to aphids, and more; you can use pureed garlic mixed with water, apple cider vinegar, hot peppers, ginger, and eggshells.


Mice, squirrels and even larger non-rodent backyard pests like raccoons can be deterred from making a garden their new home by combining hot peppers and ginger with water and castile soap.


Those are some of the most practical and environmentally safe solutions for typical garden or lawn issues. Try using them instead of commercial products to slash the cost of lawn maintenance.

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