When you’re selling your home, it’s easy to get wrapped up in the look of the interior. You brush on some neutral paint, declutter and make repairs. But your garden (or yard if you’re in the U.S.) can be equally as important when it comes to a house sale.

You need to think about all of the outside spaces around your house, especially whatever space you have out front. This is the first impression potential buyers are going to have of your property and you want to get them on board right there and then.

Here are five ways your garden could be scaring away buyers and what you can do about it:

Your Garden Looks Unkempt

A messy garden can give a terrible impression to a would-be buyer. Overgrown plants, an out of control lawn, old junk you never got round to throwing out – all of this can ring alarm bells.

What to Do: Make a big effort to sweep, tidy and mow your garden before viewings. Throw away any junk and find storage for any tools when they’re not in use. Cut back plants and trees that have become overgrown. And a lick of paint or wood preserver on garden fences, gates and furniture can massively reduce the appearance of weathering and wear.


Your Garden Looks Too High Maintenance

Contrarily, having a perfectly preened garden can also put a buyer off. Manicured lawns, impressive topiary or sensitive plant species require a lot of work and not everyone will be as inclined to invest that time and energy in their outdoor space.

What to Do: If you have a garden where not even a blade of grass sits out of place, consider letting things go a little before your arrange home viewings. This way, you’ll show potential buyers that the garden doesn’t need constant attention to look good. And, if you can afford the cost, reducing the lawn space and installing a patio is another good way to decrease the level of maintenance required.

Your Garden Looks Unsafe

If your home is a family home, consider whether there are any features in your garden that make it unsafe for young children.

What to Do: Make your garden perimeter safe and secure by installing or repairing fencing and walls. Consider putting safety netting or fencing around your water features. You can do some research around dangerous plant species and consider pulling up the offending shrubs if you want to go the extra mile.


Your Garden Looks Bare 

If your garden looks bare and barren, it may not have the aesthetic appeal it needs to attract a buyer. Buyers like to imagine how they are going to use rooms and outdoor spaces. This is made much easier when they are already being put to good use by the vendor.

What to Do: You can bring colour and interest to your garden by planting flowers and trees. You can always just add potted plants to your patio then you can take them with you when you move. Having some plants and flowers around the place will bring the added benefit of wildlife to your garden.

Your Garden Looks Small

If your garden is small over just overcrowded buyers might not think your home offers adequate outdoor space.

What to Do: Even if you have a small garden, there’s lots you can do to create the illusion of space. Painting fences or walls a light color can give things a much airier feel. And hanging mirrors bought from a thrift store is another way to add a feeling of space to your garden.

Your garden should be a big consideration when preparing your home for sale. Think long and hard about your outdoor space and its potential flaws. With a little forethought and TLC your garden won’t be scaring away potential buyers. Instead it will be another appealing feature that drives them towards a sale!

Author Bio: Anne Grobler is a blogger, a content expert and a huge fan of home décor and design. Currently supporting OpenAgent, Anne is always ready to share her tips and ideas with the Internet audience.

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