Snail damage is no laughing matter, especially when you’ve put a lot of time and effort into your garden. Most people don’t realize that by simply adding copper tape snails can be quickly deterred from eating your plants. And here are the best advantages of using this unique option.

No Chemicals

While keeping snails out of plants is a priority, that doesn’t mean you have to use any chemicals in order to do so. Copper tape is an environmentally-friendly, and 100% safe alternative to using chemical sprays, powders, or baits. So how does copper tape stop snails?

Well, it actually works because of the fact that copper and snails don’t mix. Snails are covered in mucus which is critical for keeping their bodies moist. And when their mucus comes into contact with the copper it reacts with it, causing an unpleasant stimulus that feels similar to an electric shock.

A Humane Snail Repellent

While copper tape is meant to deter snails it won’t actually harm or kill them. The tape basically functions as a barrier that blocks snails from getting into your plants, or wherever else you’d like to keep them out of.

When they reach the copper tape snails will receive the stimulus which will cause them to turn and slither away in another direction. They won’t cross over it.

Stops Snail Damage

If snails have access to your plants they can devour leaves, fruits, flowers, and more. This often ends up killing individual plants and even entire crops.

Copper tape can be applied right on tree trunks, flower pots, and raised garden beds to form a snail-proof barrier around them. It can also be placed on surfaces such as wood or plastic which are used to surround your plants, trees, or garden on ground-level.


Works For Slugs Too

Slugs also love to eat garden plants and are considered major backyard pests. And luckily because they are so similar to snails and are covered in mucus, they are also negatively affected by copper. So it’s a two-for-one deal, you can use copper tape for slugs and snails.


Other Locations

Copper tape is versatile and you can place it on most clean and dry surfaces to keep snails away and of course prevent those unattractive and yucky slime trails they would otherwise leave behind.

Decks, swimming pools, and patios are just some of the places it’s commonly used. Copper tape also works on outdoor pet bowls to keep snails from getting inside and chowing down on cat or dog food.


Set It And Forget It

While sprays, powders, and baits may be very effective at repelling or killing snails they will need to be re-applied periodically. And if you don’t re-apply them soon enough you may wake up to find your favorite plants or next crop have been decimated over night.

When using copper tape however, you can just set it and forget it. Apply the tape and you can simply leave it outdoors in the elements without having to worry. And while your tape will need to be replaced every few seasons, other than that there’s no effort involved.

As you’ve just learned using copper tape for snails offers many excellent advantages especially when you would like something that’s safe, simple, and effortless. And while it won’t kill snails it does work as an effective snail deterrent.

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