Many of us live in dry and arid places. There are many locations around the world that unfortunately for your lawn don’t get much rain throughout the year. For people who live in these places, a green, healthy-looking lawn can seem impossible to have and maintain.

That is pretty much the case if they insist on growing the common species of grass on their lawns. Those will not truly be able to withstand the dry climate. However, if they would stick to the grass species that are know to tolerate heat well and also recover from lack of water, then maintaining curb appeal with a green lawn is certainly easy.

To help you out lawn mowing specialists have rounded up the three best grass types for drought tolerant lawns in the list below:

Buffalo Grass

This type of grass is among the most resilient types, but among drought-tolerant grass species, it actually comes in last. You have Palmetto, Sir, Walter, Sapphire and Matilda as worthy options if you live anywhere that is extremely dry. These can tolerate full sun and there are also variants that thrive even if they don’t get much sun.

Couch Grass

This remains green for a long period of time even if it doesn’t get watered enough regularly. It’s important to note as well that even if it withers due to intense heat and lack of water, reviving it is easy. Couch grass roots run deep, which is crucial in dry weather. Give this grass some much-needed TLC after an incredibly dry season and in no time, it will turn green again.

Zoysia Grass

This popular lawn grass is a lot like Couch grass when it comes to drought tolerance. It will remain green and stay alive in extreme summer heat and with limited water supply. And when it comes to recovery, Zoysia has underground runners to support the lawn. Therefore, with proper care (watering deeply), it can easily bounce back to health.

It’s crucial to mention too that Zoysia is not an aggressive type of grass. It doesn’t grow beyond where it’s planted like other grass species are inclined to do, making maintenance a breeze for property owners.

There you have it — the best grass types for drought-tolerant lawns. To make them even more impervious to such dry and challenging conditions, lawn care professionals advise letting them grow higher than usual. Maintain them at 7.5cm to 8cm high; the taller the grass, the better insulation there’ll be for the soil to prevent evaporation.

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