Many people are interested in composting but feel like they don’t have access to enough organic materials. Luckily there are a range of places you can find free composting materials to get started or make your current pile bigger. Here are some of the best and easiest options.

As Close To Home As Possible

Before you go anywhere you should take a look around your home itself to see if you’ve got any materials there. Things like kitchen scraps, coffee grounds, old newspapers, and cardboard are items you most likely will have available on a regular basis. They may even end up being enough.

Of course it would be a smart idea to take a few minutes and read up on what not to compost as well so that you don’t end up adding anything potentially dangerous to your pile or attracting unwanted backyard pests. Be sure to look in your yard too for potential materials.

Grass clippings and fallen leaves make excellent additions to your compost and shouldn’t be thrown out. You can also ask neighbors and friends for many of the same materials. They will often be happy to give them away instead of having them take up space in a landfill.

By using materials from neighbors and friends you often won’t have to waste any extra time either since you can simply take them with you after you’re done visiting. In fact gathering materials can even give you an excuse to hang out and be more social.


Local Departments and Agencies

Many local departments and agencies give away natural materials to the public. And often you can take as much as you’d like. These could be things like ash, aquatic weeds, or trees and brush that have gone through a wood chipper.

Local Farms

While farms will often reuse much of their organic material themselves, you may be able to get some great stuff. Depending on what type of farm they are they may have anything from eggshells, to manure, or old hay. Orchards can be a huge source of spoiled fruits of various types.

Riding Stables

One of the most prized composting materials of all is manure, and stables are sure to have it in large amounts. If you have one nearby it could be a goldmine for the future of your garden and you’ll be helping them to cut down on their waste. It’s a win-win.


Mills And Factories

There are many different types of mills and factories that use natural products you can take advantage of. Lumber mills, flour mills, cider mills, canneries, breweries, and wineries are just a few. Slaughterhouses and meat-processing plants can also provide materials for your compost.

Shops and Businesses

There are more than likely many shops and businesses in your area that are throwing away items you could use. Often all you’ll have to do is ask the manager or owner.

Food waste from restaurants and supermarkets are examples. Pet hair from dog groomers along with human hair from salons and barber shops are also options.

Flower shops will often have an abundant source of organic waste from trimmings, cuttings, and plants which have died. Cafés can be a great source of coffee grounds. And don’t forget businesses that work with wood for sawdust.

With just one of these sources you can often have more free composting material than you’ll need. By taking the time to check out your local options you’ll be able to improve the quality of our soil dramatically and without spending any money.

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