There are many different statue options for your outdoor space. Yet when you’d like something that’s regal, natural-looking, and always makes a big impression, a heron statue is the only way to go. And here’s everything you need to know in order to select the perfect one.

Meet The Heron

Herons are tall and majestic looking birds. They’re sleek and slender with long necks and legs and have sharp pointed beaks. These features are what allow them to stalk and catch a variety of prey while wading in the water. Fish, frogs, insects, and even small mammals are all on the menu.

The great blue heron is the largest of all heron species found in North America. It also happens to be the most well-known and admired for its beauty. Typically great blue herons will have a striking bluish gray body.

Another one of their distinguishing features are the long black or gray feathers that they have running from just behind their eyes all the way to behind their head. These create a stunning contrast with the white color of their face.

The elegant proportions, shape, and height of all heron species make them excellent subjects for statues. However because of their size, looks, and the fact that they are so recognizable, most heron statues are made to look like the great blue heron.


Best Ways And Places To Use Your Heron Statue

There are many way to use your statue to increase the look and feel of your yard. The size and colors particularly of a great blue heron garden statue can make for a first class focal point that attracts a ton of attention. And it can work just as well in the front yard as the back.

Those colors can also come in handy for brightening up dull areas of your yard that really need it. You can use your statue to add height to spaces that are a bit vertically challenged such as low-growing flower gardens or to fill empty spaces.

A heron yard statue also makes an attractive accent piece as well. And for nature lovers they can be a fabulous way to add the look of having real wildlife in the yard or garden especially near a water feature or pond.

They are of course a favorite for adding to the feel of lake houses or areas where herons may actually frequent. While they are typically designed for outdoor use many consumers purchase their heron statue to use indoors. And in the home their size can make an even bigger impression.


A Heron Statue For Pond Protection 

While they are gorgeous birds, real herons are often considered backyard pests by those who own ponds. That’s because they won’t think twice about devouring not just your most expensive fish but all of them.

Luckily herons are solitary feeders. So by placing your heron garden statue close to your pond or in it, real herons will fly right over and find somewhere else to land and look for food.

A statue will work to protect your fish twenty four hours a day while adding to the natural look of your pond. And of course a heron is much more appealing to look at than placing netting over your pond to keep your fish safe.

To help keep out other predators and pests like raccoons many pond owners will also often use an alligator decoy along with their statue. If you’d like to use your heron as an actual fountain some statues will actually have piping as well although they will be more costly.


Quick Things To Think About

Before you purchase a statue there are a couple of things you’ll want to consider first. You should think about whether or not you want your heron to be colorful. While many statues do have a lot of color others may be left totally unpainted.

If you do want a colorful heron, deciding just how lifelike you want that coloring to be can also help you to narrow down your choices. Some statues are hand-painted to look as realistic as possible or they may be much more artistically and creatively painted.

And while a single heron can add a lot to your space, it’s very popular to purchase sets of two birds especially in different poses. Two herons can be used together for a huge impact or separately in different locations. By deciding first if you’d like more than one you can save some cash since sets will usually allow you to pay less per statue.


Material Choices

Statues come in a couple of different materials so you’ll want to choose one that works well with your needs and preferences.

Metal: Metal options typically look very upscale. Aluminum can actually come in a range of finishes to look like more expensive metals. Brass, steel, and bronze are also very popular options.

Some statues may even have a patina finish to give them an aged look if that’s what you’d like. This can be highly attractive especially on a darker metal such as a bronze heron statue since the patina will show up very well.

While a metal heron statue will almost always have a weather-resistant finish it’s a smart idea to spray it with a clear coat spray such as polyurethane for extra rust protection as insurance.


Resin: Another choice are statues made from plastic resin. This material is lightweight and able to withstand all weather conditions. Resins statues can be  made to look like different materials such as concrete and various types of stone but without the cost or hassle.

They can also mimic the look of metal statues quite convincingly. Alternatively some resin statues may also be hand-painted for an ultra-realistic appearance.

Concrete: While metal and resin statues are usually easy to find those made from concrete aren’t as widely available. The weight of a concrete heron garden statue can make it more costly to ship and much more difficult to move when you get it home.

And when while they are sturdy, this weight combined with their height can sometimes make statues more likely to be damaged if they were to fall over.

Top Tips To Keep Your Bird Standing

In order to keep your heron statue standing even in strong winds it may come with a flat base. Others may include heavy duty garden stakes that are inserted into the ground and over your heron’s feet keeping your statue firmly in place.

If your heron doesn’t come with either of these you’ll most likely want to purchase a few stakes on your own. Stakes are inexpensive and won’t take away from the look of your statue. There are some DIY methods to keep your bird standing too.

Using rocks to weigh down the feet, or even burying the feet a few inches underground can work. You could also mount the feet on a board and bury the board. Some resin statues are actually hollow and can be filled with stones or sand to make them heavier and more stable.

Find Your Heron A Winter Home

If you live somewhere where it snows you’ll want to store your heron away for the winter months to keep it protected. Or you may want to bring it inside the house to be enjoyed until spring rolls around. However, you may end up liking it so much that it stays indoors year-round.

The Decoy Alternative

Another option that you may want to check out is a heron decoy. While they are made from plastic and lack the artistry of an actual statue, decoys are made to look realistic enough to trick herons and keep them away.

So if you will only be admiring your heron from a distance a decoy could be an inexpensive alternative. Because they are typically made from lightweight plastic, decoys will need to be weighted down or secured to protect them from strong winds.


Other Bird Friends

Whether you choose to start with one or a pair of heron statues, it can be very tempting to keep collecting. There are a few other types of bird statues that can go well with herons because of their similar shape and looks.

Egrets and cranes are two that are always popular. And while flamingos may not be for everyone or work in every space, they can add a burst of color and a tropical feel.

That’s all there is to it! With this info you’re ready to choose the best heron statue for your space and the top location for it.

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