Downspouts are a crucial feature on a house however sometimes they may need some help both in function and looks. Decorative downspout extensions offer a fun and attractive way to deal with both. So here’s your all-in-one guide to them.

Downspout Issues

When your rain gutters fill with water, that water is carried away from your home by your downspouts. However, if the water is not directed far enough away it can cause flooding, and lead to costly structural damage.

And that’s not to mention slippery and even dangerous conditions. Standard downspout extensions can help but just like the downspouts themselves they aren’t very attractive. In fact they can be quite an eyesore.


Decorative Solutions

Decorative downspout extensions are a solution that can divert rainwater far enough away so that it won’t be a problem. And they do so in a few different creative and eye-catching ways.

Normally they come in the form of a statue and are designed to attach over the end of your current downspout. They are often also called decorative downspout extenders, or simply ornamental downspouts.

They can help to transform boring looking downspouts into unexpected points of interest especially in highly visible areas where they will grab attention. A decorative garden downspout for example, can work to complement flower beds and just add a sense of playfulness to your outdoor space in general.

In fact many people don’t actually need better drainage, but install them simply because they find them so attractive. Since they are so functional, and usually adorable, decorative downspouts are also popular housewarming gifts that you can be sure will be put to good use.

Fun And Eye-Catching Types And Themes

Extensions typically come in a few different types such as:

Spitting Statues: These are designed to allow the water to flow through the body and out of the mouth of the statue which makes it seem as if it’s actually spitting out water. Spitting statues are often made to look like common backyard creatures, wildlife, and pets.

They are also appropriately made in the form of aquatic animals such as fish, frogs, and alligators (a particular favorite for southern residents). But gargoyles, dragons, and other more fanciful creatures are also very popular choices too.

Many spitting downspout extensions are used by pond owners for things like overflow pipes and as fountain alternatives. You’ll notice when shopping that while some statues are hand-painted in highly realistic colors, others may be unpainted especially if they are made to look like stone.


Downspout Scenes: There are also extensions that use the form of a hollow log, rock, flower, or something similar, for the water to pass through. This creates a small scale scene where your rain water looks just like a flowing river.

These extensions will often include one or more small downspout ornaments or statues. Some scenes are designed to look like something you’d see in nature and include wildlife.

Other scenes are meant to be funny. And for fans of the more whimsical, there are also extensions which feature backyard favorites such as garden gnomes and fairies.



Decorative downspouts, like many garden statues, are typically made from resin. This is because resin is durable along with weather and waterproof. (For added strength many resin downspouts may be made of a combination of resin and other materials such crushed stone.)

Resin is also used because it can realistically mimic the look and texture of other materials such as stone and wood but without the added cost, maintenance, or bulk.

When made from resin extensions only weigh a couple of pounds. This maked them easy to pick up and move but sturdy enough to stay in place during heavy rain with a large amount of water flowing both through and around them.


Of course you’ll want to follow the manufacturer’s specific recommendations for care. In general though decorative downspout extensions made from resin will simply need an occasional washing down with the hose or a cloth to remove any dirt.

You will want to make sure that you store your extension indoors during the winter months so that it won’t be damaged by the freezing and thawing of any moisture or water on or in it.

Things To Keep In Mind

There are a few things you’ll want to keep in mind before purchasing a decorative downspout extension. It’s important to first check the measurements of both your downspout and the extension you are considering to make sure it will fit inside.

If it doesn’t you may need to crimp the ends of your downspout or use an adapter. You’ll also want to make sure you have enough space between your downspout and the ground for your extension to fit. If you don’t you may want to trim your downspout a bit to create more space.

Fun and functional, decorative downspout extensions are a unique way to protect your home from water damage. And with the info you just read, you’ll be able to transform those plain-looking downspouts in no time.

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