A bat house is a specially designed shelter for bats. It provides them with a safe and convenient place to sleep. While they are great for the bats, there are many bat house benefits you can enjoy as well when you have one in your yard.

Keep Bats Out Of Your Home

By providing local bats with their very own bat house, you’re actually helping to deter them from deciding to take up residence in your own home, particularly the attic. Of course this also means they will be less likely to enter sheds, garages, and barns.

This can save you from having to pay a pest control company and you won’t have to worry about dealing with any damage to your property or cleaning up. The bats will have somewhere to live that’s perfectly suited for their needs plus you’ll get to enjoy all the advantages of having them around. It’s a win-win.

Many people actually hang a bat house on a nearby tree when they have bats  in their attic or outdoor structures and are about to seal them off. Doing so can entice bats to stay in the area after you’ve completely bat-proofed your own home.

Natural Pest Control

One of the biggest benefits of bats in your yard is that many species love to eat insects. In fact a single bat can eat thousands of insects per night. This can be particularly important when you have mosquitoes and other disease carrying insects in your area.

Mosquitoes happen to be a bat favorite and since they are so small many bat species can consume more than a thousand mosquitoes an hour. That puts most backyard bug zappers to shame. And it means you won’t have to use any potentially hazardous sprays or chemicals to get rid of biting backyard pests.


All bat species have slow reproduction rates. This fact along with habitat loss and the use of harmful chemical pesticides puts them at a high risk for population decline.

With a bat house you’ll be helping to do your part in local bat conservation and therefore helping to keep the ecosystem balanced. You may even be able to help out your state wildlife agency with things you observe since so little is known about bats.



Bat poop, also known as guano, is famous for being a fabulous fertilizer both for lawns and gardens. And of course one of the benefits of having a bat house is that you have a free supply of it.

Guano contains both beneficial bacteria and fungi along with having an ideal NPK ratio for plant growth. The NPK ratio is the ratio of Nitrogen, Phosphorous, and Potassium.


Most people don’t realize that bats are important pollinators. They help to distribute the pollen of many different plants allowing them to reproduce. We often see bees and other beneficial garden insects because they are busy during the day time hours.

Bats on the other hand are nocturnal and do it at night. When they feed on the nectar of flowers they play an important role in transferring pollen from plant to plant.

These bat house benefits can help make your yard a more eco-friendly, attractive, and enjoyable place. By providing these helpful creatures with a safe home of their own you can expect these advantages along with many others.

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