Turtles are easily one of the most popular statue choices around the world. But when shopping for one you’ll need to know a few things first. So here’s your complete guide for turtle statue success.

On land and in the water the turtle is well-known for its slow-moving ways. It’s also famous for being very long-lived creature, and having a protective shell which can sometimes be strikingly beautiful.

The turtle is also considered to be a symbol of wisdom, Mother Earth, and used as a reminder to slow down and enjoy life. It also has special meaning according to Feng Shui principles and is considered by most people to just be adorable. So it’s no wonder turtle statues are such a favorite.


Material Choices

Because turtles are so popular statues are available in a very wide range of material choices. For example, statues made of various types of metal such as cast iron and bronze can help to create a very elegant and refined looking space.

While costly, a carved stone turtle statue made from marble is another option that can really add an upscale appearance to wherever it is used. Cement turtles are often made to look like stone but are less expensive and very durable.

For those looking for something that is as realistic as possible a resin turtle statue is usually the best way to go. Resin options are durable and lighter in weight than other choices.

They are normally hand-painted which can help them look so lifelike that they fool your guests. Resin statues can even be made to look like they are made from carved stone, cement, metal, and other materials such as wood.


Turtle Sizes

Turtles come in just about all sizes. So whether you are looking for something extra small to place in a fairy garden or flower pot, an extra large turtle statue to create a focal point, or something in-between, there’s plenty to choose from. Many statues are made to be life-size as well.

Statue Styles

When shopping for a statue considering what style you prefer can often help to narrow down all the options quickly. For example realistic statues are made to accurately represent specific turtle species. You’ll often see box turtles, various types of tortoises, freshwater turtles, and sea turtles.

Statues can be more on the artistic and creative side as well. Turtles of course have a natural canvas that can be used to get creative with colors and designs, their shell!

You’ll likely see examples of this when shopping for a sea turtle statue in particular since they are often designed to be used indoors as pieces of colorful wall décor. There are also various Asian style statues as well. Or you may simply want a turtle that is just more whimsical and fun. There are plenty of these and of course they can be seriously adorable.


Turtle Poses

Turtle statues come in different poses. Those that are more lifelike will typically be made to seem like they’re doing what you’d expect real turtles to do. Of course this won’t include anything too active or exciting, but more like slowly peeking out to the left, right, or upwards.

Other turtles may be standing or lying still, although this could mean the turtle is actively sunning itself. Whimsical statues may be doing just about anything. A popular pose in particular is to have multiple turtles stacked on top of each other.

Or they may even be standing on two feet, holding a welcome sign or doing something like meditating. Some include other animals and creatures such as garden gnomes and fairies riding or standing on them.

Best Placement And Uses

There are many easy ways and locations you can use your turtle to get fabulous reptilian results.

Set Your Property Apart: Placing a statue on the porch or front steps can be a great way to welcome visitors to a home or business.  While adding one to the deck, patio, or balcony can help add some nature to your favorite relaxation spot.

A turtle lawn statue in the front or backyard can help to set your lawn apart and add interest. It may even seem as if you’ve got a real live turtle chowing down on your grass. If you happen to have any logs, stumps, or flat rocks in yard these can be perfect and natural looking spots to highlight your turtle.


Gardens Of All Sorts: Of course gardens and flowerbeds are very popular locations as well. You may want to place yours so he’s peeking out of from in-between the flowers.

However a turtle will work in all sorts of garden types. For rock gardens, desert gardens, and dry river beds a tortoise statue specifically can add a sense of realism.

Beach Feel: For beach houses and businesses near the ocean using a sea turtle garden statue can help to add a coastal or even tropical feel to your property. And when used indoors they’ll help to match your nautical décor.


Pools And Ponds: Many turtle species live in the water which makes them an ideal piece of décor for both pools and ponds. In ponds you may want to place your turtle on a log, rock, or in the water to make the scene look as realistic as possible. A piped spitting turtle statue can also be used as a fountain in both pools and ponds as well.


Feng Shui And Other Uses: Feng Shui teaches that when a turtle is added to a space it can help to add long life, protection, and stability. And when you’d like to increase your wealth and success a dragon turtle statue will bring them about.

The compact size of most turtles along with their Feng Shui benefits makes a statue convenient housewarming gift. They are of course ideal for anyone who’s simply a turtle fan. And they can always make an attractive doorstop.

Pals For Your Turtle

It’s very common to not only give your new turtle a name but also some statue friends to hang out with. Some of the most popular choices to use with your turtle garden statue are backyard creatures such as rabbits, squirrels, and frogs.

Frogs are also a natural choice for decorating an outdoor pond. But don’t overlook other pond options such as an alligator or heron statue which actually can help to scare away fish-eating pests.

For dry river beds or desert gardens adding an armadillo or iguana statue will work well. And because turtles come in such a huge range of sizes, varieties, and colors it’s always fun to add more of them to your collection and outdoor space.


Other Outdoor Turtle Ideas For True Fans

Since they are such a popular animal there are many ways to keep going with the turtle theme to complement your statue. Stepping stones for example are made in turtle shapes and can be used as a unique garden path.

Solar turtle lights can help to light up your garden with their glowing shells. And don’t forget turtle-themed decorative downspout extensions for adding accents featuring your favorite slow-moving reptile.

With this guide you have all the info you’ll need to help you choose the right turtle statue along with where and how to use it.

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