Using your trees to add personality to your property is not only possible but easy. Tree faces will instantly transform any tree into a one-of-a-kind character that will be sure to make your yard more fun. And with this guide you’ll learn everything you need to get started with them.

What Are They?

Tree faces are a unique type of garden art that are installed on the trunks of trees to bring them to life. They are usually designed with earthy colors and textures that help them to blend in well with trunk of the tree and even look as if they are growing right out of it.


Materials Made For The Outdoors

Faces are made from a few different durable and weather-resistant materials that can easily handle being left outdoors year-round. Some of the most realistic faces are made from plastic resin and also hand-painted for extra detail.

Resin options are also fairly flexible so they can wrap around the trunk of the tree and deal with tree growth. Crushed stone is sometimes mixed with resin to add extra strength. Cast concrete tree faces and those made from stone are also popular too.

Like with resin, concrete is also sometimes mixed with stone as well. Depending on the specific face you choose it may be a single piece or come as multiple pieces. But either way installation is very simple and usually just requires you to screw the face in.


Types of Faces:

Faces come in a variety of types and themes so that it’s not hard to find the right one for your outdoor space or even a specific tree that you may have in mind.


Tree spirits are very popular and many take the form of old men with beards but there are also female tree faces too. Tree spirit faces are not only fun and often very natural looking but are sometimes also used by parents to teach kids about the spirit of Mother Nature. They are of course a favorite for those who would like to create their own peaceful garden sanctuary for relaxation.


Another way to go are scary faces. These will be sure to freak out your guests or whoever sees them. Many people like the idea of having a scary tree face watching over their property that will help to deter unwanted visitors. Using them to guard fruit trees from sneaky neighbors and passersby is a job you can use them for as well.

Or you may simple want one to add one to balance a yard that has many other types of faces already. If you have an old gnarly, or creepy looking tree something scary could be a perfect match. There are Halloween tree faces that are made to be put up in your front yard for the holiday. However, keep in mind that these are typically designed to be left out temporarily not all year.


Expressions Of All Types

Another option are faces with specific expressions. Regardless of whether they are meant to be angry, sad, sleepy, scared, happy, or making a funny face they are sure to lighten the mood in your outdoor space.

All tree trunk faces will attract attention from guests but these will be sure to make them laugh as well. Many people actually like to install these so that they appear to be looking at and reacting to their naughty garden gnomes.



Not all faces are human-like some are made to look like animals. Owls, bears, deer, and other forest creatures are all options along with others. Animal tree faces can be used to keep your existing faces company or on their own if you if you are an animal lover.

Sports Team Tree Faces

If you are a sports fan, there is no better way to support your favorite team and personalize your yard than by transforming one of your trees into a fan as well. MLB tree faces for instance feature the cap of specific baseball teams.


Much More Than Just A Face

Some faces have multiple uses. There are models which are designed to be used as bird feeders while others are bird houses. Usually the mouth is used to hold the bird seed or to function as the home.

Others are made so that they have solar powered lights as eyes, which as you could guess makes for an interesting display at night. And a few tree trunk faces have lights and also a feeder or bird house too.

Faces For All Spaces

A tree trunk face can really work in just about any space. In front yards they will set your house apart from the neighbors. Although you may want to install yours so that it is the first thing you see when you enter your driveway. And for adding personality to your backyard there is no better way to go about it regardless of whether you have a single tree or many.

A Garden Gnome Guardian

Tree faces are often added above garden gnomes and fairies to watch over them. With gnomes or fairies around the base and a face above, your tree will become a magical place. There are even miniature doors windows you can purchase and attach to your tree to finish off the effect and make your tree appear to be an actual gnome or fairy garden house.


Your Very Own Enchanted Forest

Anyone lucky enough to have a wooded property can use multiple tree faces to create their personal enchanted forest with faces of all different types. Fortunately you’ll only need a few trees when making one for young children or grandkids that will be sure to find this area of your yard a place of wonder and endless enjoyment.

From Eye Sore To Focal Point

Don’t overlook using an unsightly stump that you may have in your yard as a potential spot for a face. Adding one can instantly transform what was previously an eyesore into the center of attention. You might even want to add some hair on his head by placing a potted hanging plant on top of the stump. One that is spiky will work too.

Trees that have had branches removed will also give you a place to put a face. The circular spots where the branches used to be are often just the right size. And of course a tree face will help to cover these unattractive areas up while adding interest to your yard.


Picking A Spot On Your Tree

The height that you install your face is really a matter of personal preference.  Installing it at eye level will make it easier to spot and admire. If you will be looking it at it from a deck or area that is up off the ground such as a window you will of course want to make sure it is higher up.

You may want to place it so that it’s just high enough that people can’t get a close enough look to tell if it’s real or not. Some people prefer it lower down, it really depends how you would like to use it. If you do have more than one face you might want to position them so that they are looking at each other.

And don’t forget to look for areas on your tree that will help it to blend and look even more natural. By placing your face in a nook, crevice, or hollow it will look as if it is peeking out of the trunk.


Other Spaces To Use Them

If you want to add a tree face to your property but don’t like the idea of actually installing it directly on one of your trees, or aren’t lucky enough to have any trees in your yard, you can always install it on a wooden fence, post, or garden wall. Some people like them so much they use them inside of their house as wall decorations.

How To Make Tree Faces Standout At Night

You can definitely make your face standout at night with the right lighting. One way to do this is by positioning an outdoor light so that it is directly spotlighting it. Lighting it up from below with uplighting is another option that can actually be quite spooky looking because of the shadowing it creates.

If you have an outdoor fire pit placing a face close enough that it can be seen by the light of the flickering flames can be creepy too. Or you may want a face that comes with eyes which glow in the dark, in which case no lighting is needed for them to stare out at you from the complete darkness.


Have Some Fun With Your Guests

Faces are definitely one type of garden art that you can really enjoy seeing your guests’ reactions to. Many people don’t tell their friends about them and wait and see if they notice them on their own. It can be quite enjoyable to watch their expression as they do a double take.

Placing one where you know that they will run into it on their own such as on a tree along the front walk of your house can get a reaction too. If you have multiple faces installed you may want to challenge the kids to play a game and find them all.


Add Some Tree Friends   

As you could probably guess, collecting tree faces can be addictive. But there are also other tree friends you can add to your yard to keep them company too such as the many different types of animal tree statues.

While some are made to hang, others may look like they are climbing, or peeking out from behind your trees. Hanging planters can also be in the form of faces and of course on the ground there are endless gnomes, fairies, and statues of all types you can use to make sure your face never gets lonely and complete your collection at the same time.


Time To Shop 

When looking for tree faces Walmart and other home stores aren’t likely to have much of a selection. Shopping online is usually a much better choice particularly if you are searching for something specific or for multiple faces.

For the widest selection of tree faces Amazon is always a smart place to check, plus you have the ability to read the reviews on each one from people who have actually already purchased them.

With all of these tips you now know more than enough to find the perfect face and the right spot for it. But once he or she arrives don’t forget to give your tree face an appropriate name since it will quickly become not just a friend but a part of the family!

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