Bats are very particular when it comes to whether or not they will move into a bat house. One of the most important factors is the temperature inside, which will be strongly influenced by the direction that the house is facing. So what direction should a bat house face?

Bats And Temperature

In order to get bats to move into your bat house, you’ll definitely need to make sure it meets their needs. And the temperature is extremely important. Most types of bats types actually require the temperature inside the house to be close to around ninety five degrees Fahrenheit.

However, depending on your geographic location and the exact species of bat they may need the temperature to be a little higher or lower. For example northern bats will often require a warmer house while southern bats and those in desert locations may prefer it to be a bit cooler.

The Best Directions For Heat

To help ensure it gets warm enough, a bat house should face either south or south-east. This will give it the most possible hours of sunlight exposure. At a minimum, you’ll want to make sure that the house gets at least six to eight hours of morning sun. This is especially important when the weather is cooler.

It needs to receive direct sunlight in order to keep the temperature high. So take care not to hang a bat house where it will be shaded by things such as branches or buildings. Painting the house a darker color such as brown or black can also help to increase the temperature as well.

While the direction a bat house faces is extremely important, you’ll need to take other factors into consideration too such as height and location. And remember that although providing ideal conditions can really help your chances, with bats there’s never a guarantee they’ll move in for sure.

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