Bat houses are shelters made specifically for bats. These flying mammals have special needs that houses are designed to meet. So what does a bat house look like? Well, read on and find out!

A Bat-Friendly Design

Houses for bats actually look like boxes. For this reason they’re also sometimes called bat boxes. Similar to birdhouses they’re normally made from wood. However that’s where the similarities end.

Unlike houses made for birds, a bat house is usually tall and wide but at the same time not very deep. Bats like to roost in dark narrow crevices and this design helps to give them that feeling. Typically they are rectangular but can come in a few other shapes as well.

In fact the interior of the house may be separated by multiple slats which create a number of different chambers for the bats. The more chambers a house has the more bats it can hold and the deeper it will be.

Most houses have an open bottom, which is used as the entrance and exit and at the same time doesn’t allow in much light. The back of the house is usually extended and longer than the front. This is so that it can function as a landing pad, making it easier for the bats to enter.


Colors Bats Like

When it comes to colors most houses are brown because they are made from wood. However a dark brown bat house will generally attract bats more easily than one that is lighter. That’s because bats prefer houses that are dark colors.

For this reason many people will stain or paint their house so that it’s a dark shade of brown if it isn’t already. Alternatively you may want to consider painting your house black.

Both dark brown and black are also ideal because they will absorb sunlight and convert it to heat. The increased temperature is much more appealing to bats since they like to sleep in warm spaces.

However even with the right color and bat-friendly features placement is crucial. You’ll need to know where to put a bat house in order to help make sure that you have the greatest chance of bats actually moving in, because ultimately it’s up to them if they do.

Don’t overlook adding a house to your yard. There are many bat house benefits you’ll be able to enjoy once you have one installed and your winged residents have moved in. Just think free guano fertilizer and your own army of insect eating machines.

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