Gazebos are easily one of the most popular outdoor structures around the world. And by having one in your yard you are adding endless possibilities for outside enjoyment. So just what is a gazebo used for?

Shady Relaxation

The basic design of gazebos makes them an ideal shade structure. Their roof is made for blocking out the sun’s harsh rays which keeps things cool even on hot summer days. It also provides protection from the rain other outdoor elements as well.

They have open sides which allow fresh air to flow right through and this includes refreshing breezes that can help to keep the temperature inside as comfortable as possible. A gazebo is often a favorite spot to read a book, meditate, spend time with the family, or even take a snooze while taking in all that the outdoors has to offer.

An Outdoor Room

The protected yet open design, allows a gazebo to function as an outdoor room. With the right furnishings, it can be used to lounge, entertain, or dine with guests. As an extension of your living space it can also be customized to meet your preferences and needs.

You may want to add lighting so your space can be used at night or screens to keep out biting insects. Some structures can even be enclosed during the colder months so that you can enjoy views of the outdoors in comfort year-round.


One of the most popular uses for gazebos is for outside events, ceremonies, and celebrations. Weddings are a particular favorite. Their attractive appearance makes them a natural spot for taking photos of whatever the occasion may be.

While permanent structures are often used, pop-up gazebos are always an option as well for those who just want something temporary. These are less expensive and can be quickly to setup and taken down. This variety can usually be rented for events as well.

An Optimal Cover

While these structures can be used to create shady spaces to relax in various areas of your yard, they are also used as a cover over areas such as the patio. A patio gazebo can transform your existing patio space into one that’s cool even when the sun is at its peak.

It can also function as a roof over entertainment areas like an outdoor bar for example. A gazebo can be used on decks as well so that they can be enjoyed rain or shine. And don’t forget adding some shade and privacy over and around hot tubs too.


A Focal Point With Function

Gazebos are well known for adding to the visual appeal of outdoor spaces as a whole. However, they also are also often used in backyard design as a focal point which instantly grabs attention.

Of course unlike other focal points such as various forms of garden art, decorative plants, and water features these structures make a space more functional as well. The size, style, material, and location of your structure can all play an important role in the overall look of your yard. So you’ll want to take these into consideration when planning.

These are some of the best ways anyone can use a gazebo to fully enjoy their space. But remember you’re only really limited by your own creativity!

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