The gazebo in one form or another has been around since ancient times. It’s unique yet basic design has made it a popular choice for outdoor spaces not just around the world but throughout history and into the present day. Here’s what you’ll need to know about them.

 What Is A Gazebo?

A gazebo is a free standing outdoor structure with a solid roof. The roof is typically supported by posts in each of its corners. They may have open sides without any walls, or be semi-enclosed with half-walls. Often times, half-walls will have railings and balusters.

Gazebos come in a handful of different shapes. Normally they are square, rectangular, hexagonal, octagonal, or round. And they can range in size from quite small and cozy to large and more expansive. For more privacy and shade lattice panels or curtains are sometimes added to the sides.

You may also see them with netting to help keep out biting insects. There are even structures which have screens, windows, and panels added so they can be used year-round. This variety is often called a three, or sometimes a four season gazebo.

What is A Gazebo Used For?

The design of all gazebo types makes them ideal for blocking the sun so you can relax in the shade. The open sides allow for panoramic views of the surrounding space. This semi-protected yet open feel lets these structures be used as outdoor rooms.

Their looks make them a popular addition to outside spaces of all types from the backyard, to public parks, and gardens. They are also commonly used as a spot to take in scenic views and as a location for a variety of social events.

Looks And Style

Gazebos can range from classic to contemporary or modern in style. And because they are so widespread in their use around the globe they are often available in designs which are influenced from specific regions such as an Asian gazebo for example.

And they can also be made to resemble structures from specific time periods in history as well. For very specific visual or physical requirements, they can always be custom-built.


Nowadays, most permanent gazebo options are made from materials such as wood, metal, or vinyl. Custom made structures can also be made from stone. While each of these materials is highly durable, they each offer something a bit different.

Temporary structures, often called pop-up gazebos, on the other hand often have a metal frame with a fabric roof made from a material such as polyester. These are designed to portable and are therefore lighter in weight. They are often used for special occasions and events.

For outdoor fun, beauty, and relaxation gazebos are hard to beat.  So it’s no wonder they’ve stood the test of time with no sign of slowing down.

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