Installing an artificial lawn is an easy and attractive way to improve and revamp your garden. This is because an artificial lawn is like a real lawn, only much better! Artificial grass has been developed to such a high-quality standard that it looks and feels as natural as real grass, and many cannot even tell the difference between an authentic and a fake lawn. This article highlights five of the best reasons why you should revamp and enhance your garden with artificial grass.

Low Maintenance

Artificial grass is very low maintenance and easy to maintain, so you can keep your outdoor space looking neat, clean and tidy all year round without the hard work that comes with a real lawn. Unlike real grass, fake grass does not require mowing, feeding, watering, or re-turfing.



Artificial grass is much more durable and robust than the real thing. Real grass is susceptible to drought, water-logging, worm casts, wear and tear, and a whole range of other issues that make your garden a nightmare to maintain and an unattractive space that you don’t enjoy spending time in.

Artificial turf, however, is not vulnerable to animals, harsh weather conditions, or wear and tear. A fake lawn lasts much longer than a real one – up to 15 years with normal use, and is fully UV stabilized to protect it from harmful UV rays, so you can enjoy your artificial lawn for many years to come with peace of mind that it will withstand the elements and is not susceptible to damage.

The little maintenance required involves simply leaf blowing away leaves and debris, applying weed killer twice a year to eradicate weeds, and if cleaning is required, hosing down using a detergent and stiff brush. This is nothing compared to the high-maintenance alternative of real turf. And without spending the time on maintenance, you have more time to enjoy your garden.



Artificial grass can be used to revamp your garden in a range of different ways and settings. It is available in a variety of different colors, pile heights, materials and textures so it can be used to suit your style and get the look you want for your space.

Fake options can be stunning in gardens, roof terraces, patios, balconies, decking, around pools, or even indoors if you are lacking garden space and want to bring the outdoors inside. Whatever you want to achieve with your garden, artificial choices can help to inspire your unique design.

Artificial grass is also cost-effective. After the initial installation cost, you do not need to spend money on watering, feeding, cutting, and re-turfing. Hence, an artificial lawn can even cost less than a real lawn over the long term.

A recent study found that 56% of people with a garden could save hundreds of dollars per year every year by getting an artificial lawn as it reduces the cost of maintenance. With one, you could be spending less money and won’t need to do any hard work.



An artificial lawn is a pet-friendly solution for dog owners who need an alternative to real grass that is torn up and destroyed by their dogs, causing muddy patches, holes and yellow stains on their lawn.

Artificial turf is a durable and mess-free solution. It is non-toxic, hygienic, and does not discolor as a result of urine or waste. Dogs can continue to play on the grass and your garden remains attractive and intact all year round, without the muddy paw prints throughout the house.

Artificial grass is an easy and attractive way to improve your space and keep your garden looking good all year round. It’s low maintenance and easy to maintain, durable and long-lasting, flexible to suit your design style, cost-effective, and pet-friendly. It is ideal for anyone who wants to enjoy their garden for many years to come.

Author Bio: This post is written by Evergreens, the largest and leading artificial grass stockist, supplier and installer in the UK.

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