Despite their slimy looks worms are well-known for being very helpful in the garden. But are worms good for your lawn? You bet they are, and here’s why!


As worms travel from place to place in the soil below your lawn, they create a maze of tunnels. And those tunnels happen to be very beneficial for your grass.

Specifically they help to aerate your lawn. They allow the roots of your grass to have easy access not only to oxygen but also moisture. This helps to create strong roots which are vital for the health of your lawn overall.

Thatch Consumption

The thatch is the layer of decomposing organic material on the soil surface. When this layer gets too thick it doesn’t allow the roots of the grass to absorb the oxygen and moisture they needed which can cause them to become weak.

While worms eat the dirt below the surface of the soil, they also consume the thatch. And they do this constantly thereby helping to maintain the thatch at levels which are optimal for the health and growth of your lawn.



The waste which worms produce is known as castings. And you will actually see worm castings for sale since they make such an excellent chemical-free fertilizer. The reason for this is that when worms eat organic material, these materials contain nutrients and trace minerals. As they pass through the worm they are ground down and mixed.

And the resulting castings provide these nutrients and minerals in a form which your grass can absorb both quickly and easily unlike most other natural fertilizers. So with its resident population of worms your lawn gets free applications organic fertilizer year-round.

Enhanced Soil Quality

Worms also improve the structure and overall quality of the soil that your lawn is growing in. Soil with good structure helps to encourage grass to grow strong root systems that allow better access to nutrients.

Worms do this in a few different ways. As they feed they pull small particles of organic material deeper down into the soil which increase the soil structure.

The castings they produce also happen to be outstanding at holding water. And this increases the ability of your soil to store moisture efficiently. The castings also promote populations of beneficial bacteria and microorganisms into the soil which every healthy lawn needs.

Adding Worms To Lawns

Adding worms to lawns is an inexpensive way to help increase the beauty and health of your grass for many years to come. By buying garden worms and releasing them in the soil they will reproduce and boosting both their population and the benefits they provide.

So are worms good for your lawn? The answer is a resounding yes! And as you can see there is no doubt about it.

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