A gazebo is a roofed outdoor structure without walls that is used around the world to keep people cool and of course add some style. Yet sometimes when planning where and how to use one it’s easy to get stuck.

We all need a little inspiration every once in a while particularly when it comes to designing our outdoor spaces.  Looking at photos for many people is the easiest way to find ideas and even what it is they really prefer.  So here are some gazebo pictures to inspire you!

Field Of Flowers

A field of lavender makes the ideal spot for this classic wooden eight sided gazebo. This photo makes you want to experience just how fragrant those gorgeous purple flowers could be when they surround you on all sides and with such beauty. If you notice the owner used matching lavender paint to make this structure blend even better.


Well Manicured Garden

Having a garden that is as well taken care of and planned out as this one, takes a lot of time and effort.  It therefore needs to be enjoyed. You can see from looking it along with other wood gazebo pictures that in the garden, your structure not only gives you a shady spot to relax and immerse yourself among the flowers but adds charm and this case balance. Just imagine this space without it’s a gazebo and there is no comparison.

Gazebo Pictures


Quiet Corner

Some homeowners prefer a quiet corner spot like this one. For reading a book or keeping an eye on the kids while sipping a cool drink and conversing with friends corners always work. They can many times give you the best view of your entire property and are often areas that would otherwise be left unused.


Natural Features

Using the natural features of your outdoor space to your advantage is always the smartest move. And the placement of this structure is undoubtedly a safer way to enjoy the view from atop of this boulder. While we are not all lucky enough to have a natural setting like this on our property, by looking at gazebo pictures of what you do have to work with can really help to get you thinking. Even if that happens to be a lack of space for example, it could be your chance to create a “cozy,” gazebo.


Tropical Getaway

Like a scene from a daydream this structure with its thatched roof would be many people’s favorite place to spend an afternoon. With plenty of icy cold beverages and the sound of tide coming in and out around you there is no better way to relax. And with hammocks supported by its beams (something to think about) possibly one of the places for a snooze.

Gazebo Pictures


The Big Day

While many wedding gazebo pictures are taken in gardens, yards, and parks a lot of couples prefer to get married at the beach. Destination weddings are always a treat or if you’re lucky enough to live by the sea you may have a place nearby with a gazebo not just to take romantic photos in but to actually tie the knot.


Modern Works Too

Depending on your space and style you might be better off with something a little more modern like this one. A black aluminum patio gazebo with striking rattan garden furniture is one of the best solutions to many of life’s problems but mainly how to create to a chic and function place to chill with the family. And installing it poolside helps of course too.

Pictures of a gazebo can always help to get your creativity flowing. And the ones above should have given you enough inspiration to start thinking about what you want, where to install it, or how you can improve your existing structure for maximum enjoyment. Have fun with the process and get imaginative!

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