Gone are the days when the garage was used as nothing but a safe haven for vehicles and tools. Nowadays, homeowners, buyers, realtors, lenders, and even insurers place great value in this part of a house. Aside from having a functional and clutter-free interior, the garage should be designed in such a way that it adds up to the overall appeal of your home. This entails improving your garage’s exterior design.

Installing a fully automated garage door has often been advised as the most effective way to do so. Adding a deck and changing the main roofing material are other home improvement projects perceived as ways to boost a garage’s appeal. However, these alterations are quite costly and may cause some hassles. If you are eager to enhance your garage’s exterior without the inconveniences of a major construction, below are the best ways to achieve your goal.

Place Artsy Planters Beside Your Garage Door And On The Walls

Planters are no longer limited to brown pots made from either clay or plastic. Today, you can choose from prefabricated and custom-made ones. In addition to clay and plastic, modern-day planters may also be made from cement, ceramic, wood, steel, glass, and silicone. Old shoes, furniture, kitchenware, cans, and wheels may be repurposed to serve as planters as well.

For a garage’s exterior though, sizable planters made from steel, ceramic, and wood are the best standalone options. These are most suited on the sides of the garage door. Small glass and wood planters are ideal hanging ornaments on the outdoor wall while rectangular planters may be placed on the sides. Re-purposed planting mediums are best reserved for your backyard garden.


Fill Your Planters With Plants Of Different Flowers And Foliage

Compared to painting the door, having different plants is a classier and more natural way of adding colors in an otherwise dull garage exterior. Succulents may be grown in small hanging planters. Spacious planters should be filled with a mixture of ornamental flora. Bonsai plants are worth considering as well.

Choosing which plants to grow shouldn’t be hard. What plants do you have in your front garden right now? Make the planters near your garage an extension of that garden by featuring the same plants. If certain ornamentals thrive in your area, consider them too.


Install A Couple Of Eccentric Yet Functional Sconces

Sconces are one of the elements of exterior design that are often overlooked by homeowners. Over the years, outdoor sconces used in homes have come to look a lot like those used in streetlamps. While they are indeed appealing for their classic design, the traditional sconces are way too common.

Personalize your garage exterior by trying out sconces with a contemporary design. New designs come in shapes like diamond, rectangle, and cylindrical. Instead of the classic black, go for sconces that have shades of brown in their frames.


Line Your Driveway With A Great Landscape

Landscaping the sides of your driveway isn’t about appeal alone. Therefore, don’t just focus on plants, rocks, gravel, and other landscaping basics. Put emphasis on lighting as well. With landscaping lights, your garden and driveway stand out at night — and drive away potential thieves and burglars.

For your driveway, solar-powered outdoor lights are among the eco-friendly choices. And although they are a bit more expensive, you should also look for lights that have motion sensors so you don’t have to bother someone inside your home to turn on the lights.


Add Awnings On The Sides Of Your Garage

You don’t have to build another room beside your garage to have additional living space. With awnings on one or both sides, you can place a bench where you can read a book or sit down as you keep an eye on kids playing in the yard. You may also set up a small dining table where you can enjoy a relaxing cup of tea.

A pergola starting from the side door of your garage leading to your backyard is another excellent way to make your garage more appealing. Unlike the installation of awnings though, setting up a pergola may turn out to be more time-consuming.

Improving your garage’s exterior doesn’t always require costly and labor-intensive construction work. Sometimes, you just need to add or replace a few things like plants, lights, and other elements.

Author Bio: Jon works as a Garage door technician at Acorn Garage Doors Ltd – Garage Doors Brighton. He loves to blog about his experiences & challenges he faces at work. Helping clients in complex situations is what he loves most about his job. If not working, Jon can be found behind any new romantic novel.

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