Gazebos are outdoor structures designed for beauty and relaxation. You may be wondering: “What are gazebos made of?” Well, typically you’ll find them made from wood, metal, or vinyl. And here are the basics of each type.


A gazebo made of wood typically offers toughness along with a classic look. And of course don’t forget the natural beauty that only wood can provide. However a wood gazebo will require periodic care such as staining or re-painting.

There are several different types of wood that are commonly used. Cedar and redwood are popular for their strength and looks. Pressure treated lumber is another option which is normally made up of pine or fir and is normally less expensive.


Gazebos made of metal are another highly durable choice. Because metal is manmade it isn’t susceptible to rot or damage by insects. Metal choices are generally made from aluminum, steel, and sometimes even wrought iron.

Many metal structures are contemporary or modern in style. But there are vintage style metal gazebos too. While not as common as other options, these are most often custom made from wrought iron and can be quite ornate.

Keep in mind when shopping that, not all metal choices will have a hard top roof. Instead they may have a frame made from metal with soft roof that’s made from a sturdy yet lightweight fabric such as polyester or canvas.



Vinyl is considered to be one of the most budget-friendly materials for gazebos. A big advantage of a vinyl gazebo is that it won’t need any regular maintenance or care. That is of course, other than the occasional cleaning.

Different from models made from wood or metal, virtually all gazebos made from vinyl are white in color. So you’ll want to keep this in mind if you are thinking about choosing this material.

Natural Stone

While you definitely won’t see them as often, gazebos can be custom made from many types of natural stone as well. A stone gazebo with supports made from marble or stacked stone for example can be highly luxurious looking.

Each of these materials offers something special. So be sure to take your time and consider which one will work the best for your needs. Checking out some gazebo pictures can also help you to decide and even give you some inspiration on where to place your structure.

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