A pergola is a unique looking structure without walls, and a roof made up of slats. This design has made it one of the most popular options for outdoor spaces since ancient times. So, just what is a pergola used for?

Shade With Benefits

The primary function of a pergola is to create shade. Unlike gazebos which have a solid roof, these structures have an open roof that is partially, but not totally covered by slats. These slats help to block out the sun as it changes positions throughout the day.

They also don’t have any walls and this open design allows for not just a shady space but one that offers the maximum view of the surrounding outdoor space. Not having walls helps to ensure cool breezes can flow freely throughout the structure too.


The Perfect Cover  

Because they provide shade but still have a very open feel these structures make an ideal covering for many different types of spaces. For example a pergola can be installed over a hot tub to block out the sun’s harsh rays. You might also want to think about using one over your outdoor bar, or barbecue.

They are often added outdoor kitchens as well, which can help you to beat the heat both when cooking and eating food. Many homeowners place them over their deck or patio. Pergolas can also be added over outdoor fireplaces and fire pits. A wall mounted pergola can even be used to add shade directly next to your house.

Entertainment And Events

As you could probably guess these structures are also used for all types of entertaining and events. Pergolas are used for relaxing, socializing, and dining with family and friends during get-togethers, parties and receptions.

Because they are a natural focal point and can be easily decorated many people even choose to have their wedding ceremony under one. An added bonus is that they typically make the ideal background for wedding photos.


Growing Plants

The supports and open roof of a pergola can actually be used to grow climbing plants. This means flowers such as roses but also fruits such as grapes. The added beauty and scent of a structure full of flowers can make a huge impact on the senses and your space.

Of course it’s not bad for taking photos either. If you can don’t want to wait for the plants to grow, you can always attach some hanging flower baskets from the supports or roof for an instant floral upgrade.

As you’ve just learned a pergola can be used for many different functions. Taking the time to think about what you’d like to use one for will help you decide which size, type, and material works best for you.

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